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British model stages kidnapping to launch career, then does topless photoshoot

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British model Chloe Ayling, 20 staged her own kidnapping with a Polish guy she knew in Italy, Milan then claimed she was about to be sold to Arabs in the Middle East as a sex slave. The guy was allegedly part of a so-called kidnapping group called “Black Death”. All of this is ALLEGED, even the police uses this term and refuses to acknowledge the authenticity of her story. Then out of... 

Boko Haram militants abduct 20 more women in Nigeria

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Suspected Boko Haram Takfiri militants have reportedly abducted 20 women from a settlement in the northeastern part of Nigeria. According to officials on Monday, the militants arrived on Thursday in the Garkin Fulani settlement, near the town of Chibok, where they kidnapped a large group of schoolgirls in April. They then forced the women to enter their vehicles at gunpoint and drove away to an unknown... 

Nigerian army searching for 234 terrorist abducted school girls

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Nigerian security forces continue their search for more than 200 girls, who remain missing after being abducted by militants from a school in the volatile northeastern part of the country. “The operation is going on and we will continue to deploy more troops,” Nigerian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Chris Olukolade said on Tuesday. According to the students’ parents, 234 were... 

Zimbabwe: Farm Invasions Continue Across Country

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The remaining white commercial farmers across the country are facing intensified threats by mobs of land invaders, as the lawless invasions of farms continue. Last week Banket farmer Roy Crawford was reportedly abducted from his farm and tied up with barbed wire, apparently for “failing to chant election slogans supporting (Robert) Mugabe.” Crawford was eventually released after the police... 

Somali pirate arrives in NYC, awaits court hearing

A Somali teenager arrived to face what are believed to be the first piracy charges in the United States in more than a century, smiling but saying nothing as he was led into a federal building under heavy guard. Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse, the sole surviving Somali pirate from the hostage-taking of an American ship captain, was to appear in a courtroom Tuesday on what were expected to be piracy and hostage-taking... 
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