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Massive 7.3 Earthquake has hit Haiti and it's a Disaster... for the U.S.

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Tragedy! But, no not necessarily for Haiti because they won’t have to worry for anything. America will pay up as usual. Now billions will be sent to that island and tens of thousands of Haitians will be allowed to immigrate to the US and the deportation of thousands (illegals, drug dealers) of others will be halted. A major earthquake hit the impoverished country of Haiti on Tuesday, collapsing... 

Peru Ufologists Say Planet Is 'Monitored' By ETs

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LIMA ­ 8 Nov (Notimex) ­ International experts in the unidentified flying object phenomenon (UFO) stated that the Earth is “monitored” by extraterrestrials and maintained that this would be a source of “concern” for the world’s most developed nations. Specialists participating this weekend at the 4th World Congress of Ufology, held in the Peruvian capital, stated that... 

Zelaya Blames Jews and Israel as Scapegoats In Honduras

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The tense political stalemate in Honduras has given rise to expressions of anti-Semitism and disturbing anti-Israel conspiracy theories, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). “Some political leaders, pundits and others in Honduras and Venezuela are saying that Israel and Jews played a role in the ouster and intimidation of President Manuel Zelaya and are in cahoots with the de facto... 

Adolf Hitler had a plan to build a Nazi empire in South America

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Bricks marked with swastikas on a crumbling building in Brazil have helped historians trace an astonishing plan by Adolf Hitler for a Nazi empire in South America. They have also found some of the young men who were kept as slaves by German settlers and local Nazi supporters. They were known as ‘ Nummernmenschen’ – the number people – as the dehumanisation practised in the concentration camps... 

Elderly couple Arrested for Spying on America for the Cuban Government

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The story seems like a throwback to the Cold War era: an American couple arrested by federal authorities and accused of spying on the U.S. for a communist country. But the couple in question are in custody right now. U.S. officials believe Dr. Walter Kendall Myers Jr. and his wife, Gwendolyn Steingraber Myers, have been spying for the Cuban government for 3 decades. The following are excerpts from... 

Italy does not want to become 'multi-ethnic' says Silvio Berlusconi

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An immigrant is helped by an Italian soldier as he arrives in the Sicilian harbour of Porto Empedocle Italy does not want to become a “multi-ethnic” country and will continue its newly adopted policy of sending boatloads of immigrants and asylum seekers back to North Africa, the prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, said. Previous Left-wing governments had “opened the doors to clandestine... 
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José Luis Calva Zepeda, The Cannibal Poet

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Though she couldn’t put her finger on it at first, there was something about José Luis Calva Zepeda that Soledad Garabito Fernández disliked from the git-go. The 55-year-old Mexico City housewife met the psychopatic killer of her daughter Alejandra Galeana in early September, when Alejandra brought Calva home one Sunday afternoon to meet her family over lunch. Alejandra’s new beau struck... 

Amazon Indians accused of cannibalizing farmer

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A city official in the remote Brazilian Amazon village of Envira told CNN that five members of the Kulina tribe are on the run after being accused of murdering, butchering and eating a farmer in a ritual act of cannibalism. The village’s chief of staff, Maronilton da Silva Clementino, said Kulina tribesmen took the life of Ocelio Alves de Carvalho, 19, last week on the outskirts of Envira,... 

Brazilian boyfriend admits cutting up British girl’s body

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A 17-year-old British girl whose dismembered body was discovered in a suitcase in central Brazil was identified Thursday and her Brazilian boyfriend arrested for her murder, authorities said. The British embassy in Brazil named the teenager as Cara Marie Burke, and said it was in contact with her family in London. Police found the dismembered torso of the body in a suitcase close to a river,... 
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