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Two muslim suicide bomber women kill at least 37 people in bomb attacks on Moscow metro

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* Two bombs, 40mins apart, detonated during morning rush hour * At least 37 people dead, 65 injured * Chechen Muslims claimed responsibility. Rouble falls Two female suicide bombers killed at least 37 people and injured 65 by targeting two packed Moscow tube trains during the busy rush hour today. President Dmitry Medvedev declared Russia would act ‘without compromise’ to root out terrorists... 

German police arresting nationalist leaders

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German police arresting nationalist leaders! Shocking or not, but Germany is back to nazism/totalitarian system! However this time is not back to a nationalist dictatorship but to a multicultural/democratic dictatorship. The German cops are going house to house to arrest people involved with the Dresden march. After an interview with a journalist this morning at 7AM, he said the number of marchers... 

Is this the lost city of Atlantis? Grainy images released showing city-like structures beneath the Caribbean Sea

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Herald de Paris: Guarding the location’s coordinates carefully, the project’s leader, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, says the city could be thousands of years old; possibly even pre-dating the ancient Egyptian pyramids, at Giza. A group of ‘undersea archaeologists’ have become the latest to claim they have uncovered the lost city of Atlantis. The scientists – who... 

Russian Nightclub Blast Kills at Least 109

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It was one of the deadliest tragedies to hit Russia in recent years. Investigators said the fire appeared to have started late on Friday night after an indoor fireworks display went wrong, setting light to wicker panels that decorated the packed venue’s walls and ceiling. There is no certainty about the cause of the explosion so maybe this could be another Muslim act of terrorism following... 

Heavily pregnant woman raped in her own home by armed gang

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Police want to speak to this man who was filmed on CCTV in Finsbury Park 30 minutes before the attack A heavily pregnant woman was raped at gunpoint by a burglar who told her it was her ‘lucky day’. The 33-year-old victim was only two months away from giving birth when masked raiders burst into her home and held a sawn-off shotgun to her partner’s head. She was dragged upstairs by... 

Three British Muslims arrested in bomb plot to kill 10,000 people

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From left to right: Abdulla Ahmed Ali, Assad Sarwar and Tanvir Hussain, were found guilty of ‘conspiracy to murder involving liquid bombs’. Three British Muslims have been convicted of planning a series of co-ordinated suicide bomb attacks on transatlantic airliners, which could have killed up to 10,000 people. The al-Qaeda cell plotted to cause mass murder by detonating home-made liquid... 
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