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Without Honour - A Story from Rhodesia and Zimbabwe

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“F**k off! You f**king racist! Get yourself out of my country!” To Robb WJ Ellis, a young white recently appointed policeman in Zimbabwe just after Robert Mugabe’s accession to power, it was soon made clear what the new potentates thought of him. At the same time that Mugabe was being lauded by much of the rest of the world, his secret armies were murdering thousands of his political opponents... 

Violent Crime in South Africa: Nothing More Than Government Endorsed Retribution for Apartheid

Perhaps the greatest challenge currently facing post Apartheid South Africa is that of violent crime on a scale that assails the civilized mind with a ferocity that defies description. One of the most frequently asked questions these days is why the violence in SA? Why do these criminal swine resort to extreme violence and often torture in the perpetration of usually petty crimes like the theft of... 

Surgery mix-up: Patient in Tanzania undergoes Head Operation Instead of Knee

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Migraine sufferer Emmanuel Mgaya recovering from knee surgery Tanzania’s Health Minister David Mwakyusa has apologised for a recent surgical mix-up where a knee patient underwent a complex head operation. On 8 November, surgeons at the country’s main Muhimbili hospital opened the skull of Emmanuel Didas to remove a non-existent brain tumour. While Emmanuel Mgaya, who had the tumour, underwent... 

Gambian president claims he can cure AIDS

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According to President Jammeh, (left), AIDS sufferers will be cured within "three to thirty days." The President of Gambia has horrified scientists by announcing that he has developed a “miracle cure” for HIV/AIDS. Hundreds of Gambians have lined up to be “cured” by President Yahya Jammeh, who treats his patients by rubbing a mysterious herbal paste into their ribcages and then instructing... 
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