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"Unclean Christian Dogs" Hide Their Bibles as Islamists Take Over German Migrant Camps

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Christian refugees seeking asylum in Germany have been forced to hide their bibles as terror takes over the camps. According to religious groups, Christians are regarded as “unclean” and “more impure than dogs” by some Muslim extremists. Outbreaks of violence and death threats across the country are rife as Germany’s politicians try and step into rehouse the 1.1million people that have gone... 

Hillary Clinton Has "Acute Repetitive Seizures" and is a Diazepam Addict

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The mainstream media will oppress this news story as much as they can but it is up to YOU to share and distribute the following story on social media and make it viral post so that this secret can reach everyone. We reported previously that Hillary Clinton was caught on camera not once but twice having mild seizures. Most of the mainstream media was in complete blackout about this, including FOX News... 
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