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9/11... are investigations offensive now?

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Every now and then as time approaches for a new entry here… every now and then I just don’t know what to say. So I sit here and I think about it and it isn’t very long before my thoughts return, as they always do, to 9/11 and the prima facie evidence of both Zionist involvement in the act and the cover-up in the aftermath. The State of Israel has had its hand in so many things; told so many... 

Race Riot in Los Angeles: Controlled Media Covers Up Race Riots While Promoting Multiculturalism

ALIPAC Note: The Associated Press (AP) newswire service is the main way news travels across America into newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, etc… Again and again, we document the AP playing down these incidents, censoring material, and excluding key facts. The article on the top is the one broadcast by AP to the nation. It claims that the riot was gang related. Then when you read the LA Times... 

German Jews sue YouTube for allowing "Anti-Semitic" videos

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Germany’s Jewish representative body has filed suite against YouTube and its parent company Google, demanding a court order for the website to be permanently purged of anti-Semitic videos. “The radical right-wing scene is using YouTube massively as a platform,” said Stephan Kramer, secretary general of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, the umbrella body of Germany’s Jewish communities. “We... 

Netherlands media caught red handed while fabricating story about "Dutch people are prejudiced"

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Anti-Racism and false fabrication impose their ideological views in the Netherlands, Anti-Racism is the new Communism of the 21st Century This is an an exemplary affair, an affair which shows how far the ideological multiculturalists and anti-racists can go trying to impose their views. The history occurs in the Netherlands, a televised production company – 101.TV – carried out a report... 

Wolf Girl Admits Holocaust Survival Story was a Hoax

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Girl wandered 5000km through Nazi Europe, lived with wolves for a while , But not really… It took the fallout from a multi-million dollar lawsuit to finally lay this lucrative Holohoax story to rest, this case of fraud casts doubt on many other outlandish Holocaust tales that have been sold as indisputable fact to a trusting public. The fact that the media would shamelessly promote a patently... 

Jewish Convert to Christianity Warns of Zionist Agenda

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To say he is amazing is an understatement. In an age where an open season has been declared on Christianity (and with no daily bag limits) while at the same time saying anything even slightly critical towards Jews, Judaism or Israel can be the kiss of death, (sometimes literally) listening to the fiery words of a Jewish convert to Christianity who has made exposing the dangers of Jewish influence... 

Who really rules France behind the curtain

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France decided: “It’s better to be led by foreigners rather then our own French people!” African and Arab immigrants simply destroyed France in the last 2 years just because “it’s France” and what was the French peoples answer to this? “Don’t vote with a patriot that is against immigration, vote with a Jewish immigrant from Hungary that will bring some... 

The Human Product

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The world fears of the day when all will be microchipped. Is it justified to fear? Will it ever happen? Is the RFID chip really the mark of the beast? The questions have been asked over and over again but who is going to give an official and fair explanation?  Read More »
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