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More than 50% of the Germans consider Israel the greatest threat to world peace

BERLIN – Shortly before leaving Berlin, Shimon Stein, Israel’s ambassador to Germany, summed up his seven-year term as “interesting, challenging, productive, and frustrating.” It was frustrating, he said, mainly because “though we invested much effort in an attempt to explain the situation in Israel and why we react the way we do to the Germans, we scored an unimpressive... 

The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States

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Like Ahab’s search for the Great White Whale, liberals’ search for the Great White Defendant is relentless and never-ending. When, in 1988, Tawana Brawley’s and Al Sharpton’s then year-old spectacular charge that several white men including prosecutor Steven Pagones (whose name Brawley had picked out of a newspaper article) had abducted and raped the 15 year old was shown... 

Brandeis study finds U.S. Jewish population is significantly larger than previously thought

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Len Saxe, professor of Jewish community research and director of SSRI A reassessment of the American Jewish population indicates that it is almost 20 percent larger than previously estimated. Over six million Americans currently identify as Jewish or are children of Jewish parents, according to a study released today by the Steinhardt Social Research Institute (SSRI) at Brandeis University. The Steinhardt... 
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