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World’s first Hybrid Train makes inaugural trip in France

The world’s first hybrid train, which is fuel efficient and reduces emissions, made its inaugural trip from Paris to the French Champagne region on Tuesday. Built by Canada’s Bombardier, the train switched from electrical power to diesel fuel to reach the eastern French town of Troyes from Paris in two hours, travelling at a maximum speed of 160 kilometres per hour (100 miles per hour). The... 

Revolutionary 10 TB Hyper CD-ROM

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Dr. Eugen Pavel is a Romanian scientist and the inventor of the Hyper CD-ROM, a 3D optical data storage medium with a claimed initial capacity of 10 TB (TeraBytes) and with a theoretical capacity of 1 PB (PetaByte) on a single disc. It is considered by some to be the next revolution in computer storage. Dr. Pavel graduated with a physics degree from the University of Bucharest in 1976. He was awarded... 

Traian Vuia's airplane and contributions to Aeronautics

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Traian Vuia aka Trajan Vuia (August 17, 1872 – September 3, 1950) was a Romanian inventor, who designed and built the first self-propelling heavier-than-air aircraft. This item is disputed, however, given that in the United States, the Wright brothers had already successfully flown the Wright Flyer on December 17, 1903. Traian Vuia was born in the village Surducul Mic (now part of Traian Vuia... 

Romanian Jet Airplanes from WW2

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Germans were the first who put Henri Coanda’s jet airplane into production and they called it Messerschmitt Me 262. It was the world’s first operational turbojet fighter aircraft. It was introduced in June 1944 in the German Luftwaffe. With a speed of 870km/h and a range of 1050kms, the airplane had a powerful success; it has destroyed 735 Allied airplanes while the Allies destroyed only... 

NASA announces the Space Elevator

Proponents say system could be running in 11 years if scientists can overcome technical and political hurdles Since the dawn of the Space Age, people and hardware have thundered into orbit, shoved skyward by barely controlled explosions. Now, a loosely connected group of scientists and engineers hopes to make a launch as easy – and nearly as gentle – as pushing the “penthouse”... 
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