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Are some youngsters simply born to be bad?

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Could they really just be this way naturally? Disruptive and aggressive children are often born that way, scientists claim. A study has found that behavioural problems are imprinted in a child’s DNA. The findings overturn conventional thinking on the nature versus nurture debate. In recent years, the prevailing view has been that the environment in which children are brought up dictates how they... 

Romania’s Dark Future

Romania! A once proud nation that fought with turks for lots of generations, now opened it’s borders so invaders could get in without a fight! Chinese seem to be favorites while arabs and africans are a small number yet. Even so, those invaders are not the big problem. The big problem are the gypsies who represent 30% of Romania’s population and are growing alarmingly because an average... 

What is a race?

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A race is a group of biologically and genetically related individuals, like an extended family, and just as its natural to love your family more than other peoples families, its also natural to love your race more than other races, even at their expense or to their exclusion. If someone or something threatens to harm your family or your race, its perfectly right and natural to hate that threat, and... 
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