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The Time is Now says White Nationalists

‘White Nationalism’. These words seen or uttered 50 years ago would have evoked puzzled looks in America; an America where domination of the cultural, governmental, and business environment by those of European descent were taken for granted . Where a future without the influence of Anglo-Saxon ways and mores was unimaginable. ’White Nationalism’, as it is thought of today, would have been... 

Swedes hold march to commemorate Daniel Wretström and oppose immigration

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Photo from the annual memorial march for Daniel Wrestrom in Salem, Sweden 12-06-2008. Unfortunately there is only one report in English covering the Daniel Wretström memorial march in Sweden last weekend, a major event, and it is a badly biased one: Police detain 470 at demonstration. Finnish patriot and asylum seeker Henrik Holappa wrote an excellent report in English posted below that covered last... 

Advice to White Nationalists Under Fire

What follows are some suggestions to white people whose racial identity and interests might bring them under attack. I’m speaking to racially conscious white people of whatever stripe: analysts, advocates, activists, separatists, and survivalists. I want to underscore that what I offer could be off the mark. Take this as simply my side in a conversation. With that disclaimer on the record,... 

Russian nationalists march in Moscow

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Preston Wiginton, an American activist who attended the Russian March Third Edition (2007) A White Nationalist from Texas lifted his black cowboy hat into the air as he stepped forward to address thousands of Russian nationalists at a rally Sunday in Moscow. “I’m taking my hat off as a sign of respect for your strong identity in ethnicity, nation and race,” said Preston Wiginton,... 

Interview with an important American nationalist

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Charlie P, Russellville Arkansas is one of the American leaders in the white nationalist movement. He is a member of White Revolution, one of the leaders of Natural State Skinheads and Romanian National Vanguard. The interview is done by the Vice-Chairman of the Romanian National Vanguard. RNV’s vice chairman is from Bucharest, Romania. Romanian National Vanguard Vice-Chairman: Hello Charile,... 

Faiths united against Nazi book burning

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Religious and government leaders gathered Friday to denounce plans by a neo-Nazi group to stage a burning of Jewish books and other texts today in the Minneapolis area. The Twin Cities-based National Socialist Movement announced the book burning on its Web site, proclaiming it intended to destroy the Talmud and other “anti-White” books. The Jewish Community Relations Council learned of... 

Serbian Radical Party wins the 2007 elections with 28%

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The hardline Radical Party attracted most support in Serbia’s general election, dashing Western hopes the nation blamed for a decade of war in the 1990s would finally turn its back on nationalism. However, there was no certainty the Radicals, who won 28 percent of the vote on Sunday, could form a government. The result cast a pall over European Union and United States expectations they would... 

Iranian National Socialist Party

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Believe it or not, but a group of Iranians formed an underground National Socialist Party (Neo-Nazi) called Naska Party. 51% of Iranians are Persians and Persians are Caucasians, members of the Indo-European group. Their ideology is to “purify the white Persian race from Jews, Arabs & Turks”. The leader of the group calls himself “Atashban” which is a pseudonym that means... 
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Shaun Walker Arrested

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National Alliance Chairman/CEO, Shaun Walker was arrested on June 8th, 2006 by US Federal agents under charges of randomly attacking people. For professional reasons, Shaun A. Walker has resigned from his position as Chairman of the National Alliance. Former National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe is now the acting CEO and will fill Mr. Walker’s roles, including producing the American Dissident... 
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