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Anti-Defamation League preaches that Homophobics are like ‘Nazis’

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The Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai B’rith pretending to fight against Anti-Semitism is trying very hard to preach all credulous Americans that feeling uncomfortable with gay parades, would equate you to be like a ‘Nazi’. If we let the ADL loose they would take control of the USA and would probably prosecute everyone on Earth with ‘hate crime’ laws, because you... 

SA expats flock to BNP

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Recruitment to the far-right British National Party (BNP) is rife among South African expatriates to the UK, according to a report by anti-fascist magazine Searchlight.  White southern Africans, some with a history of hate crime, are prominent members and large contributors to the BNP. With the far-right movement seemingly dormant in South Africa, most of those involved are more able to thrive with... 

Pastor Manning explains his prophecies about Barack Obama

Pastor Manning explains his prophecies about Barack Obama’s ineligibility to serve as president. Obama has destroyed the housing economy.  Read More »

Italy does not want to become 'multi-ethnic' says Silvio Berlusconi

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An immigrant is helped by an Italian soldier as he arrives in the Sicilian harbour of Porto Empedocle Italy does not want to become a “multi-ethnic” country and will continue its newly adopted policy of sending boatloads of immigrants and asylum seekers back to North Africa, the prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, said. Previous Left-wing governments had “opened the doors to clandestine... 
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Norwegian Progess Party #1 in new polls

Norwegian Progress Party poised to take largest share of Norwegian seats in June EU elections. The Labor Party Prime Minister of Norway just reversed course and called for a crackdown on asylum seekers. Norway’s Labor party is a member of the EU Socialist group of parties. The reason for this switch is do to the rise of the Norwegian Freedom party. Currently the Progress Party controls 22% of the... 

Right-wing to make huge gains in Norway

Socialist Norway may be coming to an end. Opinion polls shows that 45% or more of Norwegians will cast their ballot for either the right-wing Progress Party or the center-right Conservative Party. The Progress party hopes to elect Siv Jensen as the next Prime Minister of Norway. The party wants an end to socialism and the Norwegian welfare state. They call for decentralizing the federal government... 

Italian Government Decides to Turn Back the Tide

Italy will send back illegal invaders who arrive on its shores starting from Tuesday, that country’s interior ministry has announced. The decision came after an unexpected wave of invaders around Christmas overwhelmed its holding centres. Thirty eight Egyptians will be flown to Cairo on Tuesday, the first group to be deported under the new plan announced by Italy’s government which has made cracking... 
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