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Garry Kasparov Jailed over Rally

Former world chess champion and Russian opposition figure Garry Kasparov has been jailed for five days. He and other opposition figures were detained during a rally organised by Mr Kasparov’s Other Russia coalition. Police moved in when protesters marched on the election commission. Mr Kasparov was charged with resisting arrest and organising an unauthorised protest. The incident came a week before... 

Paul Fromm Stripped of His Teaching Certificate

Paul Fromm Stripped of His Teaching Certificate “This ruthless punishment was meant as a warning to any independent thinkers among the teaching profession brave enough or foolish enough to speak their minds. Teachers are encouraged to be mindless parrots for political correctness — indoctrinators, not educators.” By Paul Fromm — MP3 It was a Soviet-style politically correct kangaroo court,... 

Teachers ordered to dress as Muslims in UK

A SCHOOL was yesterday accused of MAKING teachers dress up as Asians for a day – to celebrate a Muslim festival. Kids at the 257-pupil primary have also been told to don ethnic garb even though most are Christians. The morning assembly will be open to all parents – but dads are BARRED from a women-only party in the afternoon because Muslim husbands object to wives mixing with other men. Just two... 

Israeli Hackers Join the War Against Palestinian Sites

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Israeli hackers have decided to help and join the war against the remaining small Palestine (West Bank, Gaza Strip). The hackers group that calls itself “IDF” (which also means Israeli Defence Force) has hacked dozens of sites, erased the site content and replaced it the index with a picture of the Lebanon destruction that is made by Israeli Defence Force as an answer for the Palestinian terror... 

British Schools That are Too White Will Face Closure

The anti-White British Labour Party government has announced that schools with large numbers of White pupils may be taken over or closed if they fail to promote race relations and links between different religious groups. Those in rural areas or leafy suburbs should be twinned with ethnically mixed schools in the inner city, it suggests. Christian faith schools should strike up partnerships with Muslim... 

Police seize golliwogs in racism probe

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Gavin Alexander with some of the golly rag dolls and a selection of the other ornaments he sells. When police received allegations of racism, their reaction was impressively swift. They swooped on the premises in question and seized a pair of suspects to help with their inquiries. Questioning them was not an option, however ? for they were both rag dolls. Their alleged crime was that they were designed... 
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