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A World Without Romania

A World Without Romania Add to My Profile | More Videos There are many things that are not presented in this video such as: -the largest building in Europe and 3rd in the world is in Bucharest, Romania -the first city with electric lights on streets from Europe was in Timisoara, Romania -Bucharest was called “Little Paris” back in the Kingdom days and Timisoara was called “Little... 

Interview with Battlecry, a US Heavy Metal band

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Battlecry is the fist and the only Heavy Metal band from the Rock Against Communism stage. Although RAC music was only made out of punk bands, it seems that things are changing as RAC music is getting more and more diverse. Romanian National Vanguard: Hello, thank you for accepting this interview and I hope you will enjoy it as much as me. Battlecry: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak... 

Judaism vs Zionism

We don’t support Judaism! Nor Zionism! But their internal fight is quite funny!  Read More »

One Third of The Holocaust (documentary)

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The holocaust, an old controversial issue is being reviewed in this documentary film. The whole world should watch it and analyze it so that they can distinguish facts from fiction because many of he holocaust survivors have recanted their own stories and admitted to be hoaxes with the purpose of making money by selling their own books or by other means. We have all seen Hollywood horror movies and... 

Patriotic Greeks rally in Athens

On 27 January 2007 nationalist greeks from Hrisi Avgi (Golden Dawn in english) rallied in the city of Athens in the memory of IMIA where 3 greek officers were killed in 1996 by turks. The rally was successful and Greece is awakening very fast and efficient.  Read More »

The Microchip is 666

Mark Of The Beast  Read More »
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