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Patriotic Greeks rally in Athens

On 27 January 2007 nationalist greeks from Hrisi Avgi (Golden Dawn in english) rallied in the city of Athens in the memory of IMIA where 3 greek officers were killed in 1996 by turks. The rally was successful and Greece is awakening very fast and efficient.  Read More »

The Microchip is 666

Mark Of The Beast  Read More »

Laibach concert in Romania!

Laibach will sing live in Bucharest on 15 February 2007 at the “Sala Agronomia”! There are 1500 tickets and a ticket will cost 60RON (17 EUROS). During this tour the band will promote its new album called “Volk”. For those who never heard of Laibach, here are some details! The band was formed in 1980, in Slovenia. Their genre is a combination of: Electronic dance, Experimental music, Industrial... 
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