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In times of Internet spying Nationalists must become Anonymous

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Hide Yourself, become Invisible! Ok this may take some time but it’s 100% worth reading! Would you like to become an active Nationalist but you’re too scared because your government is spying on its citizens? Well why don’t you become stealth, invisible, anonymous, a ghost online? You didn’t know you can do that? But of course you didn’t, why would you know? Your TV stations... 

How to Permanently Remove Sensitive Files and Data from a Computer

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Deleted files can be recovered easily!! So if you need to make sure that your private files and data cannot be recovered (maybe you’re selling your old computer), follow these steps and the data will be gone forever. First of all, know that when deleting a file, you are not actually deleting the it; you are merely erasing a reference to the file in the Master File Table (MFT). This means that... 

Improve Your Google Rankings in One Easy Step

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Having a top rank in Google is the holy grail for anyone who has a website. Organic Google traffic is free advertising and how most bloggers (especially those just starting out) achieve visitors and traffic to their site. It all comes down to a simple numbers game. Essentially, more traffic = more money-making opportunities from your blog. The question is, how do you get ranked higher for my blog... 

How To Improve Your Technorati Rank

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The ongoing Technorati favorites exchanges do nothing to improve your Technorati rank. They’ll improve your popularity, but that is all. To improve your Technorati rank, you have to have multiple blogs linking to your blog at least once. If they link more than once, it will increase your rank, but not your authority. Pingbacks on other blogs count too. Look at this image, for example: The “Authority”... 

20 Quick Ways to Increase Your Alexa Rank

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Alexa.com is a subsidiary of Amazon.com and is a website which provides information on traffic levels for websites. The Alexa rank is measured according to the amount of users who’ve visited a website with the Alexa toolbar installed. In this article, I’ll examine the importance of the Alexa Rank as it relates to site monetization while briefly discussing some of the weaknesses involved in using... 

Anti-Muslim computer game stirs wave of anger

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A scene from Muslim Massacre: The game involves wiping out all Arabs, including Osama Bin Laden. A computer game designed by a Brisbane man has caused Muslim anger around the world because it invites players to wipe out the followers of Islam. Queensland police have launched an investigation into the game Muslim Massacre, which can be downloaded for free online. Players take control of an American... 
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