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Detroit: Thousands Line up for Obama Bucks!

Thousands of people swarmed Cobo Hall in chaos this morning trying to get applications for housing and utility payment assistance from the city of Detroit. People fainted, others fought as the Detroit Police Gang Unit tried to keep people in line — some since last night — and in check. “It’s a disaster here,” former assistant Detroit Police chief and city council candidate Gary Brown said,... 

Congress approves 106 billion dollars for war, swine flu and the IMF

Lawmakers in Congress passed a 106-billion-dollar emergency bill to finance the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, shore up efforts to fight swine flu, and fund US participation in the IMF. By a vote of 226 to 202, the House of Representatives approved a compromise version of the legislation, to reconcile differing House and Senate versions. The measure is to provide funds through September 30 — the... 

Obama Pledges $73 Million to Zimbabwe while the US Economy is on the verge of Total Collapse

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President Obama announced today that the United States will provide $73 million in aid to Zimbabwe, saying the economically-wracked nation has made progress since Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai entered a power-sharing arrangement with longtime President Robert Mugabe four months ago. “We’ve seen progress from the prime minister,” Obama said, after meeting with Tsvangirai in... 

Zimbabwe's PM Tsvangirai urges the EU to give "Massive Aid" funding

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Morgan Tsvangirai, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe travels to Brussels demanding massive financial aid to economically devastated government, caused by Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwean groups on Friday called on the European Union to unblock “massive aid” to their devastated country, days ahead of the first visit to Brussels by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai. “Tsvangirai will be travelling... 
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