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Russian scientists have proven the miracles of God

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Scientists have proved experimentally the miracle-working properties of the sign of the cross and prayer. ‘We have ascertained that the old custom to make a sign of the cross over food and drink before a meal has a profound mystical meaning. Standing behind it is the practical use: the food is purified literally in an instant. This is a great miracle, which happens literally every day,’ physicist... 

Breaking the Taboo on Ritual Murder

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This picture is typical of the numerous art works depicting the charge of ritual murder, a charge that has been made in specific cases against Jews in many countries and in many eras. The Bloody Passovers of Dr. Toaff By Israel Shamir Preface Commentary – By David Duke In my book, Jewish Supremacism, I wrote nothing about the accusation Jewish leaders call, “Blood Libel.” From ancient times... 

One Third of The Holocaust (documentary)

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The holocaust, an old controversial issue is being reviewed in this documentary film. The whole world should watch it and analyze it so that they can distinguish facts from fiction because many of he holocaust survivors have recanted their own stories and admitted to be hoaxes with the purpose of making money by selling their own books or by other means. We have all seen Hollywood horror movies and... 

Why Western Europe should thank Eastern Europe

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Stephen The Great of Romania fighting against the Ottoman Empire Is Eastern Europe inferior to Western Europe? Definitely! What’s the biggest difference between Western Europe and Eastern Europe? Economy! Now this has been a long known moral conflict between Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Western Europeans like to call themselves “Occidentals” while they are calling Eastern... 

A One World Government, Globalization

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As we have noticed lately, we can all feel globalization through our veins. This means that all countries and all continents will unite into one any time now. All governments will unite into one. We will all be led by a single man, a single government. Everything tends to unite either is compatible or not! The state religion will be “There is no God, we humans are God, we are all the same and... 

Review: 'The Holocaust Industry' book by Norman Finkelstein

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How Norman Finkelstein must have groaned when he read the words of Hadassah Lieberman, wife of the Democratic vice presidential nominee, as she addressed a crowd of Democratic Party supporters at the War Memorial in Tennessee earlier this month. The memorial, she told the audience, with her husband, Joseph, and Vice President Al Gore standing by, commemorates “the American heroes, the soldiers... 
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