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Romanian Jet Airplanes from WW2

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Germans were the first who put Henri Coanda’s jet airplane into production and they called it Messerschmitt Me 262. It was the world’s first operational turbojet fighter aircraft. It was introduced in June 1944 in the German Luftwaffe. With a speed of 870km/h and a range of 1050kms, the airplane had a powerful success; it has destroyed 735 Allied airplanes while the Allies destroyed only... 

Kingdom Of Romania

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Wilkommen aus Rumaenien! Few people know that Romania was once a rich and prosperous country led by the German dynasty Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen from 1866 to 1946. It was all good until the communists took over in 1946 and hell break loose. In 1940 Romania joined the Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) in an effort to stop communism from spreading from Russia to other parts of the world but it was... 

One Third of The Holocaust (documentary)

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The holocaust, an old controversial issue is being reviewed in this documentary film. The whole world should watch it and analyze it so that they can distinguish facts from fiction because many of he holocaust survivors have recanted their own stories and admitted to be hoaxes with the purpose of making money by selling their own books or by other means. We have all seen Hollywood horror movies and... 

Why Western Europe should thank Eastern Europe

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Stephen The Great of Romania fighting against the Ottoman Empire Is Eastern Europe inferior to Western Europe? Definitely! What’s the biggest difference between Western Europe and Eastern Europe? Economy! Now this has been a long known moral conflict between Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Western Europeans like to call themselves “Occidentals” while they are calling Eastern... 

Review: 'The Holocaust Industry' book by Norman Finkelstein

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How Norman Finkelstein must have groaned when he read the words of Hadassah Lieberman, wife of the Democratic vice presidential nominee, as she addressed a crowd of Democratic Party supporters at the War Memorial in Tennessee earlier this month. The memorial, she told the audience, with her husband, Joseph, and Vice President Al Gore standing by, commemorates “the American heroes, the soldiers... 
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