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BBC worries about white working class

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Many white working class people believe immigration threatens jobs A majority of white working class Britons feel nobody speaks for people like them, a BBC survey has suggested. Some 58% said they felt unrepresented compared with 46% of white middle class respondents to a Newsnight poll. White working classes were also negative about the past decade with 62% saying life had generally become worse in... 

What Makes Finnish Kids So Smart?

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High-school students here rarely get more than a half-hour of homework a night. They have no school uniforms, no honor societies, no valedictorians, no tardy bells and no classes for the gifted. There is little standardized testing, few parents agonize over college and kids don’t start school until age 7. Yet by one international measure, Finnish teenagers are among the smartest in the world.... 

French-Designed Car Runs on Compressed Air and will be produced by Tata Motors

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What seemed like a pipe dream may soon become reality as Frenchman Guy Negre hopes versions of his compressed air car will be produced in India this year by Tata Motors Ltd after a 15 year quest for backers for his invention. Negre believes the time is right for his design with oil prices at record highs and pressure on carmakers to improve the fuel efficiency of their vehicles. “It is clear... 

Why Western Europe should thank Eastern Europe

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Stephen The Great of Romania fighting against the Ottoman Empire Is Eastern Europe inferior to Western Europe? Definitely! What’s the biggest difference between Western Europe and Eastern Europe? Economy! Now this has been a long known moral conflict between Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Western Europeans like to call themselves “Occidentals” while they are calling Eastern... 
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