Custom sizes are also accepted. For example you could combine two 125×125 unites into one 250×160 unit. Custom sizes prices are negotiable.

If you’re looking to promote your website or to sell your products/services, you have come to the right place. Imagine that there are billions of websites on the internet and ours is in the top 100,000 in Alexa’s Global Rank, a performance measuring website.’s compelling news content and trusted multiplatform network attracts a loyal, upscale and unduplicated audience. This offers advertisers an exceptional opportunity to connect to unique audiences otherwise unreachable. Most of our visitors consist from top tier 1 countries, in the following position, US, EU, UK, CA, AU, IE, NZ; plus visitors from every corner of the world.

Ad Unit/Banner Details

All ad units will be placed on every page of our entire website on a rotation basis, thus ensuring a good efficiency.

  • 125×125 ad unit will be placed below our Breaking News section from the right sidebar which appears on every page. This ad unit, even if small, it should be the most efficient and is our cheapest as well (2 units available);
  • 728×90 ad unit will be placed right next to the European Union Times banner which should ensure a good CTR due to its top position (1 unit available);
  • 300×250 ad unit will be placed below our Breaking News section and below the 125×125 ad units, due to it’s large size and widespread standard, it should provide a satisfying performance (2 units available);
  • 160×600 ad unit is placed right next to our Breaking News section, below our random polls thus its performance should satisfy everyone with its hot spot + its huge size which makes it impossible to go unnoticed (1 unit available).

Performance may vary from month to month and from ad unit to ad unit. Some ad units can be of great interest to our visitors and can bring a stunning interest in your ad, while other ad units could simply have an average but still satisfying performance.
From time to time, we may offer bonuses or discounts (usually on holidays) for our loyal clients.
We reserve the right to refuse ads that we find inappropriate or unfit for our website.

What’s Next

Use this contact form to get in touch with us.

You can provide your own ad code or send us a jpg, gif, png or swf image/animation with the exact size of the ad unit you chose and a link towards the website or product you want to advertise for.

Payment will be sent in advance every month. Your ad unit will remain online for a month.

If you don’t own a banner, don’t go to expensive studios. Please know that we also have our specialized team of developers that could produce banners for you, be it .jpg (non animated) banners, .gif animated banners or flash banners and even video commercials, all at cheap prices.

If you have a website with a fair amount of monthly visitors, feel free to contact us, as we’re also looking on advertising on your website. We’re willing to pay from $10-1000/month depending on your offer.


Not related to the above advertisement plan!

Our webmasters can build you a personal website at a cheap price in no time. Our prices are guaranteed to be cheaper than anywhere else.

Simple blog. Do you want a simple pre-built blog but don’t know how to start one? For just €19, we will start one for you.
Personalized Blog. If you want a personalized blog on your own domain we can help you out at only €79.
Forum. We can build you a nice forum where you can be the administrator of your own community at an approximate price of only €99.
Personal HTML Website. If you want a personal website made in HTML with a few pages where you can present something, it will cost you €149.
Personal PHP Website. If you want a personal website made in PHP with a few pages where you can present something, it will cost you €199.
Social Networking Community. If you want a social networking community or dating website just like we will build one for you at only €249.
News Website. If you want a news website, the price will start from only €499.

Options you can add to your basic website plan:
-Professional SEO Optimization for better results when people search with Google. If you want your website to appear in the top results, you will have to optimize your website. The cost for optimizing your website can start from as low as a one-time tax of only €99. Some companies charge even €600/month. Once you optimize your website, you will have to understand that Google updates its Pagerank database only 4 times a year so it will take time, for your website to become more efficient.
-Main banner for your website (any size), €20
-Flash animations, €35
-Spam filters to protect you against spam, €10
-Subscription to Alexa, Technorati and Google for better tracing of your blog influence vs others, €29
-Getting into Advertising networks can be quite hard and almost impossible in some cases. We can get you in some networks by sending you referral invitations at very cheap prices, starting from only €5, depending on your website and on the network you’re trying to get into. You don’t have to search for any network, we will recommend suitable networks for you.
-Visible Map Counter or Stealth Map Counter (will trace and generate a map for you but visitors won’t be able to see it) to keep you informed on how many visitors you have and where they come from, only €5
-Newsletter for blogs and news websites, €20
-Remove signature €25. All websites built by us will have a small signature at the bottom of your website that will say something like this: “Website built by EU Times Webstaff team, 2011.” You will not have the right to remove this signature. This is part of the agreement when you decide to have a website built by us. If you pay a one time €25 fee we will permanently remove the signature for you.
-Blog Upgrade. If you want to upgrade a Blogspot, WordPress or Typepad blog to a personalized blog, the price is €149.
-Personalized Blog Upgrade. If you own a personalized blog and you wish to upgrade it to a professional news website, it will cost you €299.

If you build a website that will cost at least €250 (total price), you can get a discount of up to 50% from our advertisement plan for a month, depending on the sum you spent on your website.

You can buy a franchise and become part of the EU Times. We can build you a sub-domain such as: (United States), (Germany). Subdomains are available for all countries in the world. You will have complete control and your website will be almost fully independent. Contact us to talk about the details.

Advertise/Review Your Product
If you want us to review or promote your services or products, contact us. Our prices are reasonable and affordable for everyone and go as donations.

Once you decide what you need, contact us so we can talk about the details.

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