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UK School bans home lunches and offers Halal meat instead

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Look at all these blonde children bowing down to Islam in a mosque… this image is incomprehensible and indigestible. It represents the end of all ends. The apocalypse of the white European civilization, succumbing to savage inferior desert cultures. It is a very sad thing to look at.

A school has enraged parents by banning all packed lunches and choosing instead to only serve Halal meat, gluten-free food and salads.

The food policy at Aureus School, in Didcot, Oxfordshire, says all pupils and staff must eat together in the canteen, with emphasis put on healthy and social easting.

Everyone at the school can choose from eating a hot Halal meat meal, a hot gluten-free vegetarian meal, a jacket potato, a salad, a pasta pot or a baguette.

The school insists that only water may be drunk on site because ‘hydrated brains learn better’.

Executive head teacher Hannah Wilson said: ‘Food education closes the poverty gap and delicious, nutritious should be a universal entitlement.

‘With all of the headlines about food banks and obesity, we are preparing our students for healthy lifestyles in the future.’

Executive head teacher Hannah Wilson said the school is ‘preparing our students for healthy lifestyles in the future’

But a father, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the rules were ‘draconian’.

He added: ‘We are thinking of taking her out of the school – it’s getting silly and more like a dictatorship. Their views are quite extreme.

‘It’s about choice. It’s supposed to be an inclusive school but they are only catering for one particular religion.’

He said the school’s insinuation that pupils would not otherwise get a sit-down meal at home, or would only eat unhealthy food, was ‘absolutely insulting’.

The father said he had tried to get the policies changed since September but had been unsuccessful.

This is the full and complete Islamization of Britain. If you cannot see a 100% Islamic state of UK in 50-100 years then you must immediately take medication for mental retardation. 50-100 years is a very conservative number. We estimate that this will happen in less than 20 years if things continue at the current rate.


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