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Sweden football tournament bans Pork from the menu to please Muslims

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As usual, it had to be a woman! Yet she doesn’t look Swedish at all. Her eyes look suspiciously (((foreign))).

At a time when most Europeans are forsaking their spiritual traditions in favor of atheism, Swedes are attempting to swim in the opposite direction despite being the most non-Christian nation in Europe, but perhaps this is the reason why they are doing this for they have no God… no morals, nothing.

For the participants of Sweden’s Gothia Cup there will be no pork on the menu. The organisers have chosen to customise their menu according to Islam’s order, and completely removed the forbidden meat, Fria Tider reports.

“Because we have many Muslims coming to the tournament we have chosen not to serve pork, so you do not need to report this as special food or an allergy,” the organisers wrote in an update on their website at the end of last year. Pork is forbidden in Islam and is called “Haram”.

For the organisers, There’s nothing strange about its religiously adapted menu. When a journalist from the newspaper, Nyheter Idag, asked the tournament leader, Lena Rönnefors, why not just have an option for those who do not want to eat pork, she answered:

“What is the question? What are you wondering about? We have no complaints on the menu, so it’s great.”

The Gothia Cup, or World Cup, is one of the world’s largest football cups for young people between 11-19 years old. The tournament, organised in the Gothenburg area in July each year, brings together approximately 37,000 participants from all over the world.

Captain Sweden to the rescue!


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