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Soros schooled African becomes MP in Hungary for the Green-Socialist Party

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So it happened. Soros didn’t give up until he appointed a globalist puppet in Hungary! And eventually he did it. Perhaps Fidesz should issue a new law where it states that only Ethnic Hungarians can become politicians because non-Hungarians might not work within the interests of Hungary and the Hungarian people. Besides what is this BS? Why would Hungarians want to be led by non-Hungarian jungle people anyway? Even if they would be better, high IQ, etc. we still shouldn’t want to be led by other people? But its not even that. What have these blacks accomplished in Africa? Why should they lead Hungary? This is unacceptable!

Here’s a BBC report on this:

Hungary has a reputation for anti-immigration politics, but a young black liberal MP wants to revamp the country’s image.

Olivio Kocsis-Cake, of the opposition Parbeszed (Dialogue) party, is being sworn in as an MP on Monday, taking a seat vacated by a colleague who is stepping down.

Mr Kocsis-Cake (pronounced “kochish-tsocker”) has become a talking point in Hungary because of the strong anti-migrant rhetoric – particularly against non-whites – ratcheted up by members of the governing Fidesz party, its loyal national media and far-right groups like Jobbik.

“Fidesz always finds an enemy of the day who must be hated. Brussels, Soros, refugees, the homeless, or the Roma (Gypsies),” Mr Kocsis-Cake recently told Nepszava newspaper.

He said Fidesz ought to focus more on helping the needy and improving healthcare and education.

“Fidesz has been pursuing a hate campaign in recent years. I want to destroy the prejudices and stereotypes that Fidesz has planted in Hungarian society about immigrants,” he told Index.hu.

Of course… a Negro wants to DESTROY! That’s all negroes can do… destroy….. besides that Hungarian people have spoken in vast majorities! They don’t want your black face around! Hungary doesn’t need no lectures from a black African with 70 IQ. Go lecture your fellow Africans instead.

“That we have to fear immigrants; that they cannot integrate – these are obviously ridiculous notions. I am living proof that you do not have to be afraid of someone else’s skin colour.”

Listen blackie, we don’t want you to integrate, that is even a bigger issue for us whites. Why is it so hard for your to understand that integrated or not we simply do not want you here. We don’t want to mix our evil white genes with your holy divine black genes!

You know why? Because yes it was true all along, we are EVIL WHITE DEVILS! And you blacks and Jews, you are the holy pure divine people of God, and since we are the devils, we hate you… we want you gone and even worse…. because its our devilish nature! We are white devils…. so fear us, go back to Africa you low IQ!

In a recent interview, leftist Nepszava newspaper warned Mr Kocsis-Cake that Fidesz were targeting him, not because of his skin colour, but because of a link with their primary international hate-figure, Mr Soros.

“This Fidesz reaction was to be expected,” he said. “Anyone who does not agree with their politics is immediately called a Soros agent.

I did participate in a sponsorship programme, in which we researched education programmes for the Soros foundation. Opposition politicians are criticised for everything, in my case this will obviously include the colour of my skin. I have become used to it.”

What a low IQ idiot! So he rushes to say “ahhh this reaction was expected, I’m oppressed and called Soros agent because I’m black” then just later, he admits that he was indeed schooled and sponsored by Soros… what a low IQ bastard! How could Hungarians vote for this clown is a shock…

Parbeszedis a degenerate Feminist, Socialist, pro-EU Globalist, muh-nature-Green party. This vomit of a party should be banned for national treason, spread of anti-Hungarian propaganda and registered as a foreign agent.

Come on Hungarians, you didn’t think George Soros would leave Hungary alone because Orbán’s government booted his Open Society Foundation out of it, did you?

Remember: a Jew’s work is never done until a country is 0% white!

And if a powerful Jew is prevented from operating in a country, he’ll use his DIEversity army of mongrels and freaks of nature to continue his work by proxy!

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