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Romania is terrorizing their citizens with War Sirens for 1 year now on a Monthly basis

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So we just learned about this now thanks to a Italian reader of ours who is currently on a trip to Romania.

The reader who wants to remain anonymous has made audio recordings and sent them to us as well.

So without further due here is his story which was sent to us in Italian and translated by us into English. Hopefully we’ve translated it ok without too many errors:

Hello and greetings to the European Union Times. I have been reading your website for a few years now and even though I think you have the potential to do better I’m still very happy with the work you guys do.

4 days ago I have arrived in Romania for a 1 week trip with my family and a couple of friends and today, 6 June 2018 when we were just having a relaxing walk and admiring the buildings, suddenly, out of nowhere, we hear a loud distorted voice out of some speakers which we couldn’t see anywhere, mumbling something in Romanian.

Naturally we ignored it and went ahead with our business but then just seconds later, loud war sirens started ringing. We were all very afraid and panicked not knowing what was happening. We tried to take refuge inside a shop but we were shocked and we couldn’t understand for a second why the Romanian people were just ignoring everything and going on their business as if they were all deaf or as if they were all like “yeah just war sirens, nothing out of the ordinary”.

I tried to relax when I saw everyone minding their own business and ignoring the sirens as if its nothing but at the same time those sounds were so terrifying. I never heard them once in my life, like this. I only heard them in movies.

Then after a lot of commotion and agitation among us, we finally found a couple of Romanians who spoke a little bit of Italian mixed with Romanian and since our languages are very similar we could understand each other almost perfectly.

These people calmed us down, they told us that the voices we heard before the sirens were saying in Romanian something like “Dear citizens please do not panic, this is just a test.” I feel like this message should have been aired in English as well, for tourists such as us.

So I asked one of the people I was talking to why was no one panicked and if this has happened before. He told me that yes it happened before once a month and he said this all started in January 2018 but one other guy was nearby and heard the discussion, was quick to jump in and correct him, saying that this actually started in June 2017 and since then they have been terrorized with war sirens once a month for “testing purposes”.

This other guy seemed to be more knowledgeable as he told us that there sirens are played on the first Wednesday of every month at somewhere around 10:30 in the morning and yes indeed today is Wednesday.

The first guy left and this second guy told us how he recalls waking up on 3 January 2018, only 2 days after the New Year’s Eve, on war sirens, having a morning hangover after a party. He recalled that at first he jumped out of the bed shaking his legs but then he remembered immediately that they were just doing their stupid tests again. So after he left, I looked up into my phone’s calendar to check what he was saying and yes indeed 3 January 2018 was the first Wednesday of the month. The Romanians gotta be like “F**king Wednesday mornings………… hahaha!”

Then I looked up this siren testing business on Google and found absolutely nothing about it and then I looked up on Google again but in English, nothing. So I wasn’t able to find any articles on this, neither in Italian nor English. There have to be some articles in Romanian thought but I don’t know Romanian that well. I can understand a few words here and there as the languages are very similar but I don’t understand it that well.

I think it is extremely bad to “test” these sirens each and every single month as I saw the citizens were very desensitised and if one day they have to use those sirens for real, people won’t even believe them anymore, they would just say “Ahh screw it, they are just doing tests again.” No one is going to take cover, these people are gonna be slaughtered like chicken if one day something will happen.

It all happened so fast and I was so confused and scared. I have only a few days left to visit here then I’m so happy to go back to Italy. I knew it wasn’t paradise in Romania but I wasn’t expecting this. I also wasn’t expecting to see so many Muslims in Romania as well considering that Hungary which is Romania’s Western neighbor, didn’t welcome anyone, yet Romania was infested with what it looks like hundreds of thousands of Muslims. They were everywhere in the streets speaking Arabic. Its not so shocking to me as we also have millions of Muslims in Italy but it was shocking to find them there in Romania. What’s even more shocking is that I have seen a lot of mixed couples, beautiful white Romanian women holding hands walking and kissing and talking with these brown pagan invaders. Before coming here, I was imagining a different kind of Romania but I was so wrong.

This was the weirdest experience I have ever lived as those sounds are so creepy and scary!

The whole experience was so terrifying and both me everyone with me were left with very sour tastes in our mouths regarding Romania after this.

I hope you find this newsworthy and good for publishing, especially because there are not other articles about it in English.

Thank you!

So that was the mail we received…

Interesting! So if this started 1 year ago and now they are making those tests each and every month on the entire territory of Romania…. Jesus Christ. This guy was too polite in the description of his ordeal.

I think they are the most backwards imbeciles, third world nation in Europe and this will definitely contribute to placing Romania on our red zone but not yet. Its still not as bad as it is in most of Western Europe.

And the Muslim refugees?? Sure we just published a story 3 months ago about how thousands of Muslims were invading this country but we didn’t know it was so bad. Maybe this guy was exaggerating. I refuse to believe there are that many Muslims in Eastern Europe.

Anyway if we hear of one more bad story from that country, we will definitely consider making Romania red. We issued the same threat to Finland a few months ago. Since then, there were still a few issues but not as bad as placing it on the red zone.

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