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Italy finally rejects first African invader boat after years of taking MILLIONS of invaders

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After years of taking in tens of MILLIONS of invading non-whites, Italy has now finally rejected the first boat of invaders. However it is too late as the millions who already invaded Europe, have changed the concept, the notion and the tradition of what it means to be European.

Now the blackest African from the middle of the Jungle is considered “European” as soon as he starts talking a European language as if language is what makes Europeans what they are. As if you go to China as a blonde white European, learn Mandarin and boom, you’re now “Chinese”… The Turks in Germany are now called “Germans of Turkic descent”.

However don’t get your hopes up, the 629 black invaders still got to invade Europe… THROUGH SPAIN! Europe is already F**KED up badly and native white Europeans will go extinct as the genocide and population replacement goes on… yet this is impressive to see that Italy is finally taking a stand. We at the EU Times, we’ve said it multiple times and we will say it again. WE NEED TO CREATE A NEW EUROPEAN UNION. Hungary, Austria, Poland, Italy and all other nationalist countries which are against non-white immigration, must exit the globalist EU and create their own new European union and alliance. More will exit existing fake EU and will join the new competing EU.

Here’s a report from the Guardian:

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s far-right interior minister, has declared victory after a standoff over the fate of 629 people on a humanitarian rescue boat prompted Spain to agree to accept them.

The impasse, after the populist and far-right government in Italy refused to allow the MS Aquarius to dock over the weekend, suggested that Europe could face a humanitarian crisis this summer as it comes to grips with the new Italian government’s hardline approach to refugees and migrants.

Salvini blocked the ship from Italian ports and said it should go to Malta instead. Malta refused, saying it had nothing to do with a rescue mission overseen by the Italian coastguard in waters off Libya.

“We have opened a front in Brussels,” said Salvini, who became interior minister last week. “We are contacting the European commission so that it can fulfil its duties towards Italy that have never been respected.”

With the UN refugee agency, the UNHCR, urging the urgent disembarkation of all 629 people on board, including 100 children, as provisions ran out, Pedro Sánchez, Spain’s new prime minister, gave permission for the MS Aquarius to dock in Valencia. He said his country would welcome those on board.

While it appeared on Monday that an immediate crisis had been averted by Spain, Salvini’s response, and a statement indicating he would block more ships carrying refugees and migrants, promised that there would be more of such confrontations in the future.

The new Italian approach by the ruling coalition of Salvini’s far-right League and the populist Five Star Movement followed an election campaign this year in which Salvini vowed to adopt tough polices on migrants.

The standoff over the Aquarius marks the first time that his rhetoric has translated into action as interior minister, a role in which he will have oversight of migration and domestic security.

Mathilde Auvillain of SOS Méditerranée, which operates the Aquarius said: “We’ll wait for the instructions as we always did. If it is not Italy it will be another country. As I said, our rescue operation will continue, regardless.”

Its not a “rescue operation, its a taxi service and illegal human trafficking.

And all these people participating in this, must be executed by the authorities.

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