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1,657 Invaders Apply for “Asylum” in Europe Every Day

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At least 1,657 nonwhites applied for “asylum” every day during April 2018, making a total of 49,716 for that month—about 1,400 more than in March—with the level of asylum applications comparable to of April 2017.

According to the latest figures issued by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO), only 6,421 of the “asylum seekers” were from Syria–or “only” 12 percent—evidence once again that the racial population movement has nothing to do with the conflict in Syria, but is just a mass Third World invasion of Europe.

The other supposed “conflict zone,” Iraq, produced 3,267 applications, or 6.5 percent of all applicants. Afghans lodged a similar number—3,117 applications—meaning that the three supposed “war zones” together accounted for less than one third of all “asylum applications.”

The biggest increase in “asylum” applications came from Venezuela. In April, Venezuelan applicants lodged 2,349 applications for international protection in the EU, a significant 62 percent increase compared to March.

This means that for the first time since 2014, Venezuela appeared among the five most common “countries of origin” and the volume of Venezuelan applications in April was the highest-ever observed across the EU since the European-wide data exchange was established.
Nigerians lodged 2,179 applications for “international protection” in April, maintaining West Africa’s claim to be one of the single biggest sources of “asylum” applications despite there being no war or other conflict in that region.

Pakistan, Iran, Eritrea, Albania and Georgia completed the list of the 10 most common citizenships of origin. Nationals of these countries lodged fewer applications than in March, with the notable exception of Iran (+ 295 or + 20 %). The declines were most notable for Georgia (- 226 or – 13 %) and Pakistan (- 200 or – 9 %). At lower levels of asylum flows, it is worth mentioning that, in April, Colombian nationals lodged almost twice as many applications (865, + 393) as in March.

The EASO figures also revealed that 1,447 applicants claimed to be “unaccompanied minors! (UAMs), with a third being from Afghanistan (250), Eritrea (172) and Syria (88), but the highest concentration of UAMs was observed among applicants from Gambia: 87 of 418, or 1 in 5.


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