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Whites to Blame Because Only 1.8% of America’s IT Workforce is Black

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The National Urban League (NUL)—one of America’s oldest pro-black lobbies—has blamed “white racism” because only 1.8 percent of all IT Tech Company employees are black—ignoring the fact that a race with an IQ of between 60 and 80 will be incapable of creating or maintaining advanced First World technology.

According to a statement by NUL president Marc Morial—whose racial features indicate that he is likely over 80 percent white—blacks, who are “among the top owners of mobile devices,” are “not being considered when it’s time for social media and technology companies to hire.”

The claim that “white racism” is to blame for this state of affairs is made in the NUL’s “2018 State of Black America” report released this week.

The report demands that “social media and technology companies to put in place safeguards and corporation solutions to make sure minorities don’t get left behind in the digital revolution.”

“C-suite executives of tech firms publicly espouse the gospel of racial and gender diversity and inclusion, but these spaces do not reflect our nation’s demographic diversity,” Morial said.

He pointed out that the latest “Equal Employment Opportunity” reports filed by Google, Facebook and Twitter showed that only 758, or 1.8 percent, of their combined workforce of 41,000 employees, were black.

“And their own research showed that in the majority of tech companies, fewer than five percent of the workforce is black, while at least half of the workforce is white.”

The NUL introduced a “digital inclusion” index that is supposed to answer the question: “Are the new job, business and educational opportunities created by increased digitization of our world being equally shared?”

“Historically, while great industrial breakthroughs have profited our nation, African Americans have often been exploited, rather than elevated by these advancements,” he said.

Of course, the real reason for the lack of black IT specialists has to do with the fact that the average sub-Saharan African IQ stands at around 62, and blacks in America—solely due to extensive white admixture—have an average IQ of around 82.

This means that blacks are, despite all the laws, pretend-nonsense spouted by liberals, and forced “integration” policies, never going to be able to compete on an equal basis with other races who have a much higher average IQ.

In other words, the failure of blacks in America to achieve any measure of genuine “equality” is not due to “white racism” but rather innate, unchangeable, innate ability, predetermined by genetics.

The refusal by the NUL—and the liberal establishment to accept this simple fact, and to continue down the path of race-denial, means that they will never achieve their desired “equality” until all whites are exterminated, either physically through nonwhite violence or by racial miscegenation.

This fact in turn dictates the necessity for physical geographical separation of the races—and not segregation—as the only means whereby each race can preserve its own identity, and achieve its fullest potential.


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  1. poptoy1949 says:

    Why are whites the blame for everything? Because of Cultural Marxism that’ why. It is infiltrating this country big time and it is time we start fighting back beginning withe Primary and Secondary Education and then Education in the Universities. There are too many Communist Type Professors in our Universities.

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