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UK Goes Dictatorship: Tommy Robinson Arrested for 13 Months

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While UK cuckold fags yap yap yap bla bla bla about human rights in North Korea, Iran, China, Venezuela, Cuba and other totalitarian regimes, they among other Western EU nations are turning exactly into what they are criticizing. TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIPS.

First it was Count Dankula with his dog making a Roman salute joke, or how the totalitarians call “Hitler salute”, even though there is no such thing as a “Hitler salute”… but whatever, we live in Absurdistan planet so exactly WHATEVER!

And now… just we all thought they came to their senses after Dankula was left alone… BOOOOM! Tommy Robinson gets arrested by UK “authorities” or rather state militia like in the USSR, guess for what…….. come on! GUESS! It was a for…………….. bam bam bam bam bam bam the suspense is growing………… BAM! For criticizing a Muslim child rape gang!

Welcome to the Multicultural Dictatorship. UK is now officially worse than the USSR. Not even in the USSR citizens would have gotten jailed for criticizing rapists! People would have gotten arrested for criticizing the communist regime though, but fear not, that might not be far in countries like the UK either.

So Fox News is now reporting on the unprecedented gag order UK officials placed on media to vainly keep the disappearance of Tommy Robinson hidden from the public.

In short, it’s a Soviet-style disappearance: the UK police arrested Robinson, the court ordered the press to not talk about it, and it’s quite likely that Robinson will die in prison given the previous death threats made against the outspoken journalist.

Despite the gag order, US legacy media is now reporting on this sensational story.

Robinson was already serving a suspended sentence (probation) due to a prior arrest by police, meaning that the journalist will likely serve 13 months in jail.

One told Fox that Robinson’s lawyer warned that, considering the presence of Muslim gang members in prison, a 13-month sentence was tantamount to a death sentence.

Now mark these words leftists and mark them well. You have complained for dozens of years that right-wing governments always jailed you so called “dissidents” and oppressed you for your political beliefs. This is exactly what you are doing now to right-wingers. The pendulum will eventually swing right and when it does, run for your lives because the number of enemies you created for jailing people and oppressing them for their beliefs…. wonder now when they will take revenge and round you all up to fill the jails with you…

This is just a friendly advice, not a warning. This is exactly what will happen with right-wingers will win back their governments. Stop with the oppressions now if you don’t wanna be oppressed yourselves.

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