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Trump SCAMS North Korea, cancels meeting with Kim Jong-un for not wanting to be Executed

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U.S. President Donald Trump has cancelled next month’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. He has just missed a unique occasion that happens only once in 50-100 years. Trump might just be the world’s dumbest president ever. He missed a change to denuclearize North Korea and make it give up willingly. Kim Jong Un was willing to give up his nukes, open the world and so on but Trump’s demands grew more and more absurd while offering nothing to North Korea. Then he crossed the line when both he his idiot vice president Mike Pence threatened to handle North Korea like the “Libya model”, basically suggesting execution of Kim Jong Un and his entire communist government.

Naturally, North Korea lashed out at the U.S. Thursday after Vice President Mike Pence repeated Trump’s threat to use the “Libya model,” a reference to the 2011 U.S.-backed overthrow and murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

And now Trump sent a letter to Kim saying how could you lash out at us? why are you so inappropriate and aggressive? We’re canceling our meeting!!!

In a letter to Kim released Thursday morning, Trump said the face-to-face meeting, set to take place on June 12 in Singapore, was “inappropriate” to have “at this time.”

“Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting,” Trump wrote.

In a statement from North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui, Pyongyang also protested U.S. demands that it unilaterally denuclearize without concession.

“U.S. Vice-President Pence has made unbridled and impudent remarks that North Korea might end like Libya, military option for North Korea never came off the table, the U.S. needs complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization, and so on,” Son-hui said. “As a person involved in the U.S. affairs, I cannot suppress my surprise at such ignorant and stupid remarks gushing out from the mouth of the U.S. vice-president.”

Jesus Christ………… these might just be awarded with the prize of “world’s dumbest president and vice president ever”.

Those idiots haven’t even met Kim yet they started with the threats to kill him then they get angry at him because he got angry for being threatened… yeah right, Kim should have been like “Yeah Trump almighty God, come and take my nukes, take my country and my citizens, enslave us all with your globalist Jew banking systems, then execute me, my family and my entire government. I’m so happy! Yaaaaaaaay!!!!”

Yup, we hate agreeing with communist North Koreans but they are right. America had all those demands of North Korea while offering nothing in exchange but threats.

The souring relations between the U.S. and North Korea since the summit was set initially began following Bolton’s comments last week.

North Korea’s First Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Kim Kye Gwan similarly accused Bolton last Wednesday of endangering the current détente with “unbridled remarks.”

“World knows too well that our country is neither Libya nor Iraq which have met miserable fate. It is absolutely absurd to dare compare the DPRK, a nuclear weapon state, to Libya which had been at the initial stage of nuclear development,” Gwan wrote. “We shed light on the quality of Bolton already in the past, and we do not hide our feeling of repugnance towards him.”

So North Korea basically got scammed by USA. They were scammed into releasing 3 Asian prisoners with US citizenship and into blowing up their nuclear test site… What has America offered o North Korea in exchange for this? More threats of war… Now just shortly after scamming North Korea and showing it the middle finger, Trump threatens them with war!

Now the deal is over…… hahaha! How could Kim trust America? The world’s most filthy disgusting lying country of all times? That’s what you get when you work with the devil.

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