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Transracial madness: White German woman Undertakes Surgeries to Become Black African

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Martina Big, who is from the German city of Trier and identifies as an African woman, now wants to make her transformation complete through another couple of surgeries. To top it all off, she wears national African attire and has even started learning Swahili.

The originally white glamour model, who went through three melanin injections last year to darken her skin, is now seeking to change the shape of her lips and nose to look more African, The Daily mail reported. The facial surgery is yet another step after the woman with a telling last name, Big, has already splashed over 50,000 pounds to have her breasts enlarged to an overwhelming 70S cup size (UK 32S), the biggest in Europe.

The 29-year-old says that her nose, lips and butt so far do not match her overall African look.

One US moral activist posted a very interesting post on Facebook:

First transgender and now this? What a disgusting sick world we live in… Well guess what you dumb slut? Your genes are still white and they can’t be changed and if you become pregnant with a white man you will have a perfectly 100% white child and you can’t be whatever you feel like! F**k you and f**k your feelings you dumb slut! I feel like a billionaire! Where my f**king billions?? Life doesn’t work like that! This slut here is a perfect example of why women should NOT have any of the rights they have these days. We must remove a lot of the rights they have now and reduce them to the status that they have in Muslim countries, otherwise you would get sick demented sluts like this right here.

EUT commentary: well honestly that Facebook user is right, our current cosmopolitan society is a based on a white guilt culture where people are shamed of being white and this broken society is forcing our people to do such extreme acts like Martina Big.

This is her boyfriend, also a white man who takes melanin injections to look black:

Martina with her boyfriend Michael, who has also had tanning injections himself, and encourages her extreme look.

If this is the new normal, can we say that this planet is morally dead and that perhaps white people who are still normal should group together and invest bigly in space ship technology that would help us go as far as possible and start all over again from the beginning?

And she used to be such a cute woman before she went nuts…

Then she gradually turned into the woman on the left and now to the woman on the right…

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Twitter’s community can’t help reacting to the news, most user beings explicit in their criticism.

Many have pointed to what they describe as Martina’s deeply unstable psychological condition, which has made itself obvious more than once, while others dismissed the story as “crazy talk,” adding the woman is merely striving for publicity.

Last year, Big, a former cabin crew member, underwent controversial color pigment injections, which are prohibited in a number of countries including Britain, to make her complexion and skin darker. She was notably surprised to discover that the tanning also made her eyes brown, and hair brune and curly, resembling African women.

She model, who previously looked like a real blonde Barbie, has become so deeply obsessed with the Africa that she recently started about learning Swahili and traveled to Kenya to get a better idea of what their culture entails.

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“So really my whole body has changed. It’s really fascinating what’s happened, I think I am changing my race, yes. This is the reason why I go to Africa, to learn more about the culture, I’m not only changing my colour, but I feel like I’m black,” the woman told The Daily Mail.

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When in Kenya she made hordes of friends, met fans following her impressive transformation and was even baptized in a church in the town of Nyeri with a traditional African name, “Malaika Kubwa,” which in the local Swahili language means “big angel.”


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