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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge a disaster worse than exploding Note 7, MMC FAIL

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Note EDGE and Note 4 are brother phones, the only difference between them is the infinity edge screen. Often times Note Edge is called Note 4 Edge as they both came out in the same period and they are worse than battery exploding Note 7 as they both suffer from a widespread “could not do normal boot. mmc_read failed” problem. We have consulted a specialized technician who fixes phones and tablets. The technician is highly advanced with changing cracked front glasses with LOCA, solder, measure capacitors, etc.

This mmc_read failed error is a widespread cause of death for those two phones. Thousands of these devices failed of the same error and many more will follow suit. Just search on ebay for screens and then for motherboards. You will find an abundance of screens and little to no motherboards at all available. There are already three class action suits pending in America against Samsung for the Note 4 and Note EDGE scam. One is conducted by Migliaccio & Rathod LLP, the second by Top Class Actions and the third by Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C.

So, first our technician told us that Samsung used a cheap TLC NAND chip with only a couple of hundreds of PE cycles. The most useless garbage SSD for computers ever produced was Kingston V300 with only 400-500 PE cycles. TLC is the worst kind of NAND memory ever produced. Its so bad it should be banned by governments worldwide and have the companies heavily fined for scamming customers and producing electronic waste on purpose, because as long as they are capable of producing more durable memory chips, yet they choose to produce the cheaper ones with shorter lives, yes its on purpose!

So with that in mind, kindly take notice all memory card producers, all phone producers and all SSD producers are now going for TLC because the cost of production for factories is a little bit cheaper and besides they purposefully want your stuff to break as fast as possible so you can buy a new one again, buy buy buy buy buy buy buy… this is what capitalism does: consumer society. They all say worry about pollution yet they produce bad electronics which needs to be thrown away often, creating endless mountains of electronic waste, pollution and all at the expense of the customers.

His advice? Buy a second hand Note 3 or if you are lucky and old stock of a brand new sealed Note 3, which uses high quality EMLC NAND chips. EMLC chips have somewhere between 15,000-20,000 PE cycles. Yes I know its stunning! I bet Samsung regrets ever building NOTE 2 and NOTE 3. Best phones ever, 3GB RAM, fast charging, 4K videos, USB 3.0, all you can ask from a phone! Have phones really advanced that much nowadays anyway? They still build phones with 3GB on RAM and shooting 4K videos. Have they really advanced that much? Are they shooting 8K videos now or something? Not really! The best part about Note 2 and especially 3 is that they both use removable batteries which is also in it of itself a high commodity nowadays with non-removable battery phones which cause a lot of problems both in usability and repairability.

Second advice, if you wanna extend the life of your phone, either NOTE 3, or NOTE 4, or NOTE EDGE or whatever, always buy a microSD card if you have a slot. Set your camera to take pics and videos on your SD card instead of internal memory. Then install an app in Play Store which can move apps to SD card. Search for App2SD or something. Avoid needless constant updates and turn off all auto-updates including those of Play Store. You do your own manual updates once in a while, Facebook for example is updated at least once a week, this is useless, you can safely skip like 10-20 updates and only update once every 3-6 months. Seriously! Especially apps which you don’t even use. I doubt you use all apps! A P/E cycle is a Write/Erase of the entire capacity of memory. So, if you have a phone with a 32GB internal memory and a cheap garbage TLC chip with only 400 PE cycles, you can basically write and erase those 32GB 400 times which after your phone will DIE. 32GB X 400 cycles = 12.8TB total life span. So you get to write stuff through updates, installing apps, updating apps, shooting videos, taking pics, etc at a total 12.8TB after which your phone is BYE BYE!

In theory the NAND chip can be replaced but its complicated with the IMEIs and other software stuff and its not worth it really as the chip itself + covering the cost for the replacement may exceed the cost of a brand new motherboard. A NAND chip may cost somewhere between $15-20 on Aliexpress. Paying a technician to replace it would probably cost $20 at the very least as no one will bother doing such a complicated job for less. A brand new motherboard for a phone costs somewhere between $30-40. So replacing the NAND is not an option due to high costs.

The best NAND chips out there are SLC chips which get as many as 100,000 PE cycles but the industry completely buried its existence, they pretend SLC doesn’t exist. No one is producing SLC under any circumstance anymore. Well it does make sense, if you were a capitalist fat cat, would you rather produce a product which will last your customer his entire life and he would never buy from you again because he doesn’t need to? Or would you purposefully scam him and sell him a semi-defective product which would eventually completely break and he would return to you to buy again and again and again and again?? This is what TLC is! Its all about the money! But these kind of practices need to be heavily fined by states like the EU and USA. Not only its the first world which claims to care about nature and the environment but most of these scammer companies come from ASIA, and why would the EU protect ASIAN companies and not fine them? Fine them heavily until they either change practices or go bankrupt. Why would the EU and the US care if Korean company Samsung goes bankrupt??? Its not our company, they offer us nothing but pain and suffering. Remember Note 7 which hurt so many people with their exploding batteries? All Samsung does is milking money from our nations and bringing it to their nation. There is no reason to be tolerant with Samsung or any other Asian company, unless you are a piece of s*** disgusting greedy fat cat who gets tons of BRIBES from these companies.

No doubt, this is Samsung’s fault regardless of what their excuse is and they must fix this problem for all users like they did with Note 7 blowing up, or they should face a serious consequences.

Now with that said and with everything in mind, our technician is NOT totally convinced that this is a hardware problem. As he had a few customers who told him that they barely bought their phones brand new, sealed found in old unsold stocks, they used their phones for a few months, then BAM! mmc_read failed !!! This is planned obsolescence and many are disappointed with Samsung over this. We too tried to post a comment on Samsung’s official forum but guess what, it got censored and totally deleted.

Also we too found a similar story on Samsung’s official forum. According to “useraFQYxaZT2Q” he bought his phone on “Purchase Date: 04/12/2016” and he wrote a post on this forum on “?09-04-2017 08:57 AM” Its only a year! Not even 2 years. Its impossible he could have finished his PE cycles in only a year! IMPOSSIBLE! His phone failed in the same time period everyone’s phones started to fail. Its as if they were programmed to fail randomly in 2017 and 2018 and maybe even 2019. At this point we are convinced that if you find some old stock of a brand new sealed Note Edge or Note 4 it will fail almost instantly, in a couple of months at max after doing its first boot. I do not know if Samsung pre-programmed a kill switch inside those phones from factory or if they implemented it though an update but this guy’s (useraFQYxaZT2Q) story is strange to say the least. His phone’s flash memory shouldn’t have failed so prematurely! I doubt he consumed his PE cycles so fast. If this doesn’t get fixed, the best choice is to buy other brands. Obviously Samsung isn’t the only Android phone out there. However we would also advise to avoid LG or any other Korean brands because LG is also problematic. Go for Japanese, Chinese or European brands instead.

As usual Samsung pretends this isn’t real and no official public response has been given by them regarding this. We, the EUTimes have contacted Samsung tech support ourselves and asked them about the problems and if they would be able to provide free fixing to all Note 4 and Note Edge phones world wide. Stunningly they answered and they told us that they are not aware of a widespread problem with Note 4 and Note Edge and they think its the users fault for bad operation of their devices and that no they won’t do any free fixings. They told us that the price of a brand new motherboard directly from them is $250-300 depending on the model. So there you go, this is Samsung, a total Korean scam! Ching chong ping pong tech and services! At this point cheap Chinese phones are better than Samsung, like Ulephone, Leagoo, Bluboo, Umi Digi, Elephone and other cheap phones.

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