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Russia wants to go Skynet, aims to upgrade powerful weapons with AI

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WHAT THE ACTUAL F…??? Is the world going nuts? How can such an idea even cross their minds? Haven’t they watched the Terminator? The Matrix? And all those evil AI movies? What those irons start to revolt against us humans? The Russians now wanna upgrade their top weapons such as S-400 and S1 Panzer with Artificial Intelligence. What’s next upgrading Nukes with AI? What if the AI takes over and wipes us all out for good? AI is such a bad bad bad evil idea! AI should be banned internationally at the UN and any country working on AI must be attacked military and have the leadership removed. If they wanna commit suicide, fine its their business but that AI will will not stop in Russia, it will advance and eventually attack everyone! AI should not be built even OFFLINE on a computer with NO internet connection, let alone with network internet connection…. and here’s why/ What if some crazy bastard, steals that AI on a memory stick and then releases it into the world? Or what if the AI self-transfers on a memory stick used by a programmer, cleverly hides itself on the stick as a archive or something then that engineer uses the infected stick on another computer with internet? BAM its over! This is exactly how the Skynet was started with weaponized AI! BAN AI NOW!


Russia’s Aerospace Forces have tested the country’s first automated air defense control system with elements of artificial intelligence, Izvestiya reported, citing Defense Ministry sources in Moscow.

With the new system in place, the Russian air-defense forces will be able to respond to all situational changes in real time, bypassing the stage of analysis at command posts.

Currently, each anti-aircraft missile and radar installation has its own control which is absolutely vital given the high speed of modern aircraft and high density of air attacks.

The automated air defense system will reduce the decision-making time and will facilitate the distribution of targets among air defense batteries.

A combination of all existing air defense systems and the use of each one’s fortes will create multiple lines of defense.

For example the S-400 Triumf air-defense system, effective against high-altitude targets, could be used in sync with the Pantsir-S missile-gun system, which is ideal in close combat situations.

This would ensure the effective destruction of aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles, small drones and effective protection against fire by multiple rocket launchers.

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