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Palestinian baby dies GASSED by Israel, is the US going to Strike Israel Now?

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So a Palestinian baby has died from breathing in teargas as 57 others were shot dead in Gaza during protests on the day the US embassy opened in Jerusalem. Is America and other NATO states going to strike Israel now for gassing children like they did in Syria? Or are Syrian lives more valuable than Palestinian ones?

The other 57 Palestinians were killed in gunfire by the Israeli army, the Gaza Health Ministry said.

The ministry said six of those shot dead were under the age of 18.

The violence in the country on Monday – the deadliest day in Gaza since the 2014 war between Israel and Gaza’s ruling Hamas – saw more than 2,700 people injured.

Among those, 1,360 were injured by live fire, with more than 130 said to be in a serious or critical condition.

The ministry did not say how the baby was exposed to teargas, because it doesn’t know, it wasn’t there.

On Monday, tens of thousands of Palestinians rallied near Israel’s border fence to protest a blockade of their territory and the move of the US Embassy to contested Jerusalem that day.

A day of mourning and mass funerals is expected to take place today.

As the US and Israel celebated an inauguration ceremony for the new American Embassy in contested Jerusalem, the Israeli military, which has come under international criticism for using excessive force against unarmed protesters, said Hamas tried to carry out bombing and shooting attacks under the cover of the protests.

It released video claiming to show protesters ripping away parts of the barbed-wire border fence and said protesters were seen setting tires on fire and hurling firebombs toward Israeli troops across the border.

The violence on Monday came after a month of demonstrations at the Israeli-Gaza border.

It is said the US Embassy move, bitterly opposed by the Palestinians, added further fuel to the fight.

There was barely any mention of the Gaza violence at Monday’s lavish inauguration ceremony for the new embassy just 50 miles away.

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner unveiled the new embassy alongside Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top Israeli officials.

Trump administration officials, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and four Republican senators also joined Republican and evangelical Christian supporters for the opening ceremony.

The US president earlier tweeted it was ‘A great day for Israel!’.


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