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Leftists now ruin God of War game with "Toxic Masculinity" nonsense

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One of the original buzzwords used by the left, Toxic Masculinity, has shown its face again. This time accompanies the latest installment of PlayStation’s God of War franchise. Polygon’s Chris Plante spoke with game director Cory Barlog about how the game teaches about toxic masculinity both intentionally and inadvertently through the storyline.

But before Plante even gets to ask any questions of Barlog, he makes it very clear that previous God of War games contributed to “the culture of toxic masculinity.” In the first few paragraphs, we get an insight into the problems he sees with the main character Kratos. He sees Kratos as a “brooding, entitled meathead.” But it’s not just Kratos he takes issue with. He didn’t like how previous God of War games “portrayed women as objects.” It’s a wonder how anyone like this could sit and enjoy a game without choking on self-serving social commentary.

This attitude bleeds into the interview where Plante explains the game made him think about “how we raise sons to not be utter garbage humans.” Instead of questioning why something like that would be on his mind at that moment, he runs off to the idea of toxic masculinity. Interestingly enough he never actually defines what he means by that. Or provides any examples of how the God of War franchise contributed to the “culture of toxic masculinity.”

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