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Dumb Swedes wanna pay Invaders $18,5K to go back home

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Aaaaaaahahahaha! Sweden is so screwed up in the head they can’t even realize how bad it is when someone from the outside watches their nonsense. They are so messed up, even their so-called nationalists are cucks!

Christian Democrats leader Ebba Busch Thor has proposed paying immigrant families a total of SEK 160,000 ($18,500) to leave Sweden. The cost of letting them stay would be much higher, she argued.

So they wanna pay $18,500 per migrant returning home willingly. Imagine paying $1.85 BILLION to 100.000 migrants returning home! Jesus Christ! Countries can get rich out of these dumb cucks. Imagine Iraq for example rounding up and sending 100.000 Iraqis to Sweden.

Lets say it would cost the Iraqi government $50 million to send and return all those people to Sweden, then they get their $1.85 Billion payment by Sweden for returning them, them the Iraqi government can cut the remaining profits 50-50 with the “employees”. And then they can basically do this non-stop getting billions of dollars in the budget with little to no effort at all, as for them, the Iraqis involved in this, it would be like traveling abroad and making money at the same time.

They won’t even need to worry about creating jobs like factories and stuff. Just send people abroad, all organized by the state and get billions in return.

Any non-white country not doing this just proves how low IQ these people are. Why wouldn’t anyone profit off of this?

And when you think of it… the woman who proposed this…… her name is THOR! Hahaha freaking CUCKS!

Don’t get us wrong, its not that we don’t want to get rid of this massive invasion that is taking place in Europe, we do! But this is not the way, this will only create more migrants, who will simply return over and over again for the money and Sweden could just grow some freaking balls for once because after all they used to be called VIKINGS, and show everyone the middle finger, kick em all out, lock em up for life and sterilize them as they have no right to be in Sweden. Its not their right to be there.

Its that simple!

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2 Responses to " Dumb Swedes wanna pay Invaders $18,5K to go back home "

  1. Jay Moore says:

    Pay them hell, release the military to round up and deport all of them for a safer more productive future for our decendants.

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  2. BillWhit says:

    Seems as thought the Swedes are an even more Dumbed Down population than Germans, who keep electing that Muslim Prostitute, Merkel, over and over! Stupid is as Stupid does and from all the actions of the Swede government, they must have some of the dumbest leaders in the world, leeching off the office. Grow a set of testicles and forcibly rid your country of these rabid Satanic Animals called Muslim Pigs! What happened to that Viking Spirit? Has all the males turned into Soy Boy Deluxes?

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