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Court Rules David Copperfield was Negligent, His Dark Magic Secrets Revealed

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No doubt, it is something famed illusionist David Copperfield hoped would just go away. However, unlike one of his magic acts, he couldn’t just make it disappear with the wave of a hand.

On Tuesday, a jury in Las Vegas found Copperfield negligent, but not financially responsible for an injury suffered by British tourist Gavin Cox, who says he slipped and fell while acting as a “volunteer from the audience” during an illusion in Las Vegas in 2013.

It is a qualified victory for Copperfield, but it still comes at a steep price: his lawyers were unable to prevent the disclosure of secrets about the illusion in question, known as “Lucky #13.”

The mechanics of the act seem remarkably pedestrian – as in, it involved a lot of walking (and running) around for those who volunteered to “disappear.”

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Cox was among 12 other volunteers who seemed to disappear from Copperfield’s elevated stage, when in reality they were whisked off the platform by flashlight-wielding stagehands.”

The Associated Press adds that “the randomly chosen participants [were ushered] past dark curtains, down passageways, around corners, outdoors, indoors and through an MGM Grand resort kitchen to re-enter the theater for the show’s finale, according to testimony.”

At some point during all of that, Cox says he was exhorted by stagehands to “Run! Run! Run!” through an outdoor alleyway coated with construction dust. That’s when he slipped and fell.

“I was having a good time up until the time I was injured,” he testified.


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