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Canadian activist Faith Goldy got assaulted in front of MSM who claims "didn't see nuffin"

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Faith Goldy, one of the hottest Alt-Right activists, got assaulted by Antifa terrorists right in front of the mainstream media and the police who now claim they didn’t see anything. Right… well the problem is, IT’S ALL ON VIDEO!

Opposing groups organized rallies near the Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle border in Quebec Saturday afternoon, where thousands of asylum seekers have steadily been entering the country at an illegal crossing on Roxham Road in Hemmingford.

Members of Storm Alliance, a group whose self-described mission is to “preserve the rights of the people and Canadian culture,” gathered to demonstrate against Canada’s immigration policies, while counter-protesters were calling for open borders and end to racism by “far-right” groups.

Storm Alliance is critical of the federal governments’ handling of the influx of asylum seekers, referring to the situation as illegal immigration.

The group is also calling on the federal government to reimburse Quebec for the costs associated with handling the high number of refugee claimants.

Over the weekend, independent journalist Faith Goldy went to an immigration-related demonstration in Lacolle, Quebec, where the elite’s footsoldiers, Antifa, were rallying in support of “refugees” and outnumbering those protesting in opposition to that particular Jewish agenda.

What happened to Faith should put an end to that misconception to anyone who sees it… but then Charlottesville should have as well.


So as you are about to see yet again. We have clear evidence that Antifa, the Media and the state are all working together as a big happy family. Antifas usually used to claim that they are communists who oppose capitalism. That’s how they co-opted so many low-IQ teens into joining. Now however as years passed, it turns out it was all just a trick!

Antifa has been caught numerous times defending the capitalist system, fully collaborating with the authorities (the police) and the media. They are all part of the same system. Antifas are basically just the militants/rebels/ISIS of capitalism. They seek to silence through terror tactics, spitting, throwing acid in your face like in the case of Baked Alaska, throwing piss and urine, rocks, shout and make noise to cover you and your message, etc. What they are doing is basically fitting the definition of terrorism. Some even went into mass shootings. Now what’s next? Car rams and bombings?

The debate is over, this here is total proof which adds on top of the proof we already had, that Antifa is nothing more than just capitalist militants protecting the elite. They are no revolutionaries. No Che Guevara! NOTHING! After all they are funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

The guy on the left with the scarf attacked her. But here, Faith explains it well on her own:

They say a picture says a thousand words and this one is great for explaining our talking points. Two Antifa guys standing next to these journalists who claim they saw nuffin.

Perfect. That’s called being an accessory after the fact:

Shortly after the incident Faith appeared on JF’s The Public Space show to discuss the details. This video is a MUST WATCH:

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