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89-yo German woman convicted 2 years in jail for denying the Holocaust, Disappears

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Germany is mad, its like a mad dog with rabies, now going after 89-year old women named Ursula Haverbeck, sending them to jail for what is basically a thought crime.

Its like…

PC German Regime: “Hey let me tell you a story, once upon a time, Germany was evil nazi monster from the pits of hell, so evil not even Lucifer wanted Hitler in hell, it was the evil of all evils, in fact Hitler started his own Nazi hell which is worse than Lucifer’s hell. Yes that’s how evil he was, so umm, he killed 666 Billion Jews who are holy and chosen by God, despite killing His Son and rejecting Him even to this day in their Talmud!”

Evil nazi monster Grandma: “I don’t believe it!”


Evil nazi monster Grandma: “Uhm I don’t think so, screw you all and screw Germany, I’m getting the hell out of this Jew controlled shithole! I’m not serving a single day in jail for not believing your stupid childish stories, I’m too old for this shit!”

Wow, what a woman…. the disgusting, spineless Germans would rather put this old lady behind bars than actual Muslim terrorists who were the bodyguards of Osama Bin Laden. In fact they don’t even wanna deport him, let alone arrest him, instead he is living like a boss, funded by the regime on social welfare. Yeap, that’s how bad politically correct Germany is!

Good thing they found their enemy here, just look at her photo! She’s clearly a threat to public safety, what if she drives a truck into a crowd of Germans? Her thoughts are clearly criminal, she needs to be arrested for what she’s thinking. You don’t have the right to think what you want! You need to think how the politically correct German regime dictates or ELSE!!!!!!1111

So now German local media reported that Haverbeck’s home in central Germany appeared to be empty, with uncollected mail piling up at the front door.

Haverbeck has been prosecuted numerous times for her unorthodox beliefs, including that notorious concentration camp Auschwitz was a labor camp that had no gas chambers.

Now Jewish organizations and Auschwitz Committee leaders are going nuts that she ran away and they’re calling on the PC German Regime to “urgently search for her and arrest her”. Just look at these sick fu*ks right here, wishing “one can only hope that police are looking for her with high pressure”. Well don’t be shocked when you will be “searched for with high pressure” when nationalists win the elections. Keep oppressing and inciting them and then when they win, expect them to treat you nicely.

So she ran away! Good! If she would have been arrested, she would have died in jail, and who says DEMONRATIC CAPITALIST regimes don’t kill?? This right here is murder. Its the state actively trying to kill an old woman for a thought crime.

Then when nationalists come in power, those leftist oppressors begin to whine and bitch if they start to do to them what they did to nationalists. They deserve this plus a lot of bonuses! The leftists are oppressing the NATIVES in order to protect the FOREIGNERS’ feeling, with nationalists, its the same but reversed. Its oppressing the foreigners to protect the natives. You gotta be nuts to be a leftist if you really think about it in the way we put it here.

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize, Voltaire said. So who wasn’t Ursula Haverbeck allowed to criticize? We wonder…

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2 Responses to " 89-yo German woman convicted 2 years in jail for denying the Holocaust, Disappears "

  1. Alex says:

    True Story bro!
    I’m German, and our jewish friends, which hate all non-Jews and wants a alien-free isreal, are telling the rest of the world HOW FINE AND IMPORTANT IT IS, TO HOME EACH CRIMINAL OF EACH COLOR OF EACH COUNTRY who wants to invade us.
    Because at the end, the only race which is able to solve anything above 1+1 will be the Jews, if u mess and mix-up any non-jew with one of theese IQ-monsters.
    The jews wrote more than 100 times since the 1900 about the holocaust they experienced – on different occasions. The americans killed between 10 to 100 native Amercians – no one cares. You can research about all tyrants all over the world – but never try this about the jews. Even asking is “disbelieving” this even don’t make any sense at all – except some choosen, who are shouting “anti-semite” every time they kill anyone they want in the way they want – and no one fucking cares. They are choosen. Maybe read johannes 8.44 – and learn what Jesus told us about the Jews.

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  2. Tom Hofmann says:

    Yes, I am German and can confirm the story.
    Here in Germany is freedom of speech. Except you deny the Holocaust, or you have doubt about it
    You must believe ..Otherwise you come in prison
    Google for it.. a Canadian woman , Ms Monika Schäfer and Mr Schäfer was arrested at München ( Munich ) Airport when thy landed
    Horst Mahler, a lawyer gets 12 years and lots more of Jews-critical people

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