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USA Becomes ISIS, Rogue State, Bombs Syria with No US Congress or UN Approval

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America is now officially a rogue terrorist state acting like ISIS, which needs to be held accountable at the UN. Just like how Americans love calling countries like Iran and North Korea rogue states, its now America’s turn to be a rogue state. America does NOT follow any rule, it does not seek the people’s approval, which they reject, it doesn’t care about US Congress approval and not even about UN approval, its a bullying power which needs to be sanctioned internationally and isolated until it goes totally bankrupt.

Trump is now risking World War 3 with Russia. He is just as crazy as Hillary Clinton. SOME of his followers, not all, but some, still defend him and their explanation for this is that Trump may be controlled by the Deep State. There is no such thing as a Deep State! Trump created his own deep state since day 1 when he appointed only globalists like Kushner and Nikki Haley and so on.

Trump is a globalist himself, it is time to wake up. He has betrayed his voters, it was all a show and a lie just like Ted Cruz used to say. Remember when Ted Cruz used to call Trump “a liberal from New York posing as a nationalist who is not gonna do anything he says he would”???? Remember when Cruz called Trump numerous times “a conman snake-oil salesman”, or “Trump’s not gonna build the wall, I will build the wall and make Trump pay for it”? Remember that during the primaries??? You have got to remember because this is a wake up call. And PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU! Stop it with the 4D chess memes! When bombs will blast everywhere and radiation will flow like the rain from the skies, you will no longer find it funny! This is no game, Trump is a serious threat to peace on Earth.

Good thing Putin was calm and calculated and gave a very ADULT response, unlike CHILD-MAN Trump who couldn’t even speak properly when he announced the bombings on Twitter. If Putin would have bombed a US ally nation like US did to Syria, I could easily imagine a Trump with foam at his mouth, ranting and raving, but look at Putin and how calm and calculated he is. Good thing Russia didn’t sunk NATO’s ships or by now we could have been all dead in a nuclear desert. Hats off to this man! What’s angering me extremely is that the people of this planet are too damn distracted by entertainment crap such as cell phones, computers, games, videos, movies, music, partying, sports and other HA HA HA entertaining shit! STOP IT with the HA HA HA you morons, go out and riot in the streets, ask your demented president to stop the war and RESIGN for lying and not keeping his promises!

We fell too, we also were enchanted by Trump and we thought Cruz was a bad liar. Well we still don’t support Cruz but we definitely lost all our love for Trump. This man is not gonna win a 2nd term even if he walks using his eyeballs instead of feet or pull a truck with his tongue. Trump is finished after this, he is worse than George Bush. It was all a show, total fakery, wake up! After this, we will no longer ever support any candidate in USA. In fact USA is done for in our eyes. If you’re smart and you live in America, abandon ship, sell all your junk and come live in Hungary or Poland.

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