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Ukrainian nationalists demolish Gypsy camp in Kiev

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A group of Ukrainian nationalists has forcibly evicted gypsies from a camp in Kiev, bragging about their patriotic deed on Facebook. The move was slammed by Amnesty International, a globalist organization pushing for mass immigration and mass genocide of white people through population replacement as the Ukrainian Congress voiced concern over “Nazism glorification”.

The nationalists forced the gypsies to flee their camp and then burned some of 15 disgusting dirty tents belonging to the gypsies, the NGO said. The patriots themselves boasted about their deed in a Facebook post and described their actions as “convincing and legal arguments.” They also claimed they “disposed of the litter” left over by the Roma and “safely burnt” their tents, as well as uploaded the photos of the devastated camp to social media.

Footage taken by local activists shows the nationalists chasing a group of nomadic gypsies from India, which included many of their children, through the streets of the Ukrainian capital. The video, which was published on YouTube by a local news media outlet, shows the nationalists throwing stones at women and children and using gas canisters against them. It is extreme important to note to the average reader who has no clue what a gypsy is, that gypsy women are usually into pick-pocketing, begging in the streets, sorcery and other unclean stuff you could imagine. The most incredible thing is that they teach their children as young as 2-3 years old to do the same. Up until recently they mutilated their children, cut a hand or a foot of their own children and sent them to begging so that that people would have more pity and sympathy and throw them a few more coins. Gypsies are perhaps the sickest race of people in the world and their origins tells everything. Not that long ago, India rounded up all their criminals, thieves and scumbags you could imagine, and kicked them out of the country. They wondered and wondered like nomads from country to country until they reached Europe. These are your modern day gypsies. The descendants of Indian criminals and worst possible scumbags you can imagine. Fortunately, India has recently recognized the gypsies (or Romas) as their children and is considering giving them Indian citizenship.

“In the night from April 20 to 21, members of the nationalist C14 group wreaked havoc in the gypgy encampment… in the Goloseevsky district of Kiev,” the Ukrainian office of Amnesty International, the international human rights NGO, said in a statement. The radicals used “gas canisters, bladed weapons and possibly even firearms” in their attack, the statement said, adding that some people, including children, sustained injuries in the incident.

“It is important to understand that anyone could become a target of such attacks: Roma (gypsies), women, anti-corruption activists, Jews, [members of] the LGBT [community], as well as journalists, artists, students or writers,” Oksana Pokalchuk, the director of the Ukrainian office of Amnesty International, said, commenting on the issue.

Pokalchuk then went on to criticize the Ukrainian authorities for giving the radicals free rein. “No one can now be sure that they will not become the next target of the… radicals, who already got a feeling of impunity,” she said, adding that Ukrainian law enforcement services “remain inactive” in most such cases.

Ци…ан на Лисій горі більше немає.Учора вони не виконали вимогу, лише частина покинула табір у парку. Але після…

Posted by Сергій Мазур on Saturday, April 21, 2018

According to the statement, police officers, who arrived at the scene when the radicals already set the camp ablaze, told the gypsies that “everything was burning” and said that they should leave Kiev as soon as possible. Amnesty then called for an “urgent and effective investigation” of the incident, adding that Ukraine has “international obligations” to protect human rights. Again, Amnesty International is a globalist genocidal organization founded by a leftist Jew named Peter Benenson. Amnesty should be banned worldwide for subversion, manipulation and incitement to genocide against white European peoples.

The C14 is a group of Ukrainian ultranationalist radicals. It was founded back in 2010 and has close ties to the nationalist ‘Svoboda’ (‘Freedom’) party.

In February 2018, a group of C14 radicals vandalized a monument to the Soviet soldiers who fought against the Nazis in the World War Two. The nationalists destroyed the inscription, which said: “To those who defeated Nazism.” The vandalization of the Soviet monument was done in protest of the Soviet massacre of millions of Ukrainians, under Stalin, known as “The Holodomor” where millions of Ukrainians were starved to death by the communist regime of the USSR.

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