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Trump base explodes over Syria: "psychopath, schizophrenic, worse than Bush"

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Tens of thousands of Trump supporters are bashing the president and unedorsing him in mass like never before over his neocon war threats against Syria and Russia.

People are calling him “psychopath, schizophrenic, bigger lunatic than Bush, traitor, man child” and many other names.

Many have started a new meme calling the president “Trump derangement syndrome”, alleging that he is mentally deranged.

Here’s a couple of Tweets, watch and see for yourself how angry his base is:


Ron Paul, God bless him… the highest respect for this man. As old as he is, he is trying to warn people of what is going on:





Thousands are calling for his resignation.

Russians however are taunting Trump on Twitter and Facebook saying words like “Bring it on! Russia is ready for you Satanist America!”

Neocons and liberals are however in ecstasy over this, praising Trump:

This is just a small dose of what is happening on social media. Trump’s base is angry beyond repair.

Even Alt-Lite leaders like Alex Jones are vehemently opposing this but in their love for the president they think that Trump is being played by the Deep State.

Some Alt-Righters however continue to support the president, here’s what Lauren Rose, a prominent Alt-Righter said:

“something that hasn’t happened yet”? Lauren… does it need to happen first? If it does, it will be TOO LATE! Once a war with Russia starts…. you can never go back, it will be just nuclear wasteland everywhere, you want it to start first, then you will bash the president? Isn’t it obvious? We have all been betrayed, his Tweets are more than enough. This man wants war, chaos, death and destruction and guess what, this war is meant to slaughter WHITES mostly. If such a war happens whites may go fully extinct. Europe of course being a US-Israeli prostitute, it will ally with USA, also because of NATO and stuff. Europe is weak but as weak as it is, it will attack Russia and Russia can wipe Europe fully in less than a day. So Europe goes, USA goes, Russia goes. OPPOSE THIS LAUREN! WAKE UP, its time to criticize Trump!

Some refuse to believe this is real, continuing to say that Trump is just playing more intergalactic parallel universe 4K Ultra HD 8000K 4D CHESS! These people are lost, to them, whatever Trump would do it would just be chess… Others are saying that the president is being manipulated with MKULTRA.

Others more awakened to this are saying things like “This all of course implies that Trump was genuine to begin with and wasn’t just pressing the right buttons to get elected. He sure made no secret of his allegiance to Israel on the campaign, including his controversial promise to recognise Jerusalem as well as his disdain for the Iran deal. The only foreign policy promises he seems to have stuck to since becoming President, even if the ‘no more war’ sentiment seems to have been ditched early on. When it comes to foreign policy it seems the only part he has been consistent with his campaign self on is his loyalty to Israel.”

Which is 100% correct. All of this started just moments after Israel called Trump to attack Syria. Russia is blaming Israel and summoning the Israeli ambassadors in Moscow for questioning and Israel is blaming “white supremacists” for opposing the Syria war. Jesus Christ the world is going completely nuts. White supremacists who oppose Syria war??? But wait, since they are supremacists, don’t they wanna rule over others such as Arabs in Syria? Make up your mind Israel, are they supremacist warmongers or peace activists? Which one is it? You can’t be both. As far as we’ve seen their reaction, I would say in a proportion of at least 99%, those white supremacists (better known as Alt-Righters) want peace and no war in Syria.

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3 Responses to " Trump base explodes over Syria: "psychopath, schizophrenic, worse than Bush" "

  1. Amy Lewis says:

    I cannot understand what exactly is the US national interest in Syria. Why do we bother with it? How would regime change in Syria make the US safer? Those people have been killing each other for 2500 years or more, and will continue to do so no matter what the US does. How does it serve our national interest or security to send combat troops there? I think it has more to do with corporate interests as in the two planned oil and gas pipelines through Syria. And now, just as Trump wants to pull out of there we have another alleged gas attack, to pull us right back in, whether it happened or not, attributed to Assad, who it would in no way serve. How would it serve Assad to launch a gas attack that would bring America back in against him?

    False flag.

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  2. Dave says:

    War in Syria with Russia proves Trump was a fraud from the start.

    I refuse to believe this.

    There must be a reason for this. Perhaps it’s an act of some sort.

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  3. Steve says:

    Oil. Or routes for oil pipelines.

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