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Nazi Asian girl Tila Tequila happy she's pregnant with second half-White child

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Tila Tequila, a glamorous and famous Asian woman of Vietnamese descent who was up until recently one of the hottest women in America has announced that she is now pregnant again. Recently, Tila converted to Christianity and she gave up her vanity, she no longer wears any makeup, nor does she dresses sexy anymore. She’s now into exposing the Illuminati, Freemasonic, Satanist nature of Hollywood. First she converted to Judaism but then she suddenly realized something and abandoned that almost instantly.

Tila is now an open admirer of Adolf Hitler and Richard Spencer and she caused public uproars numerous times, even having her Twitter account suspended because of that. She appeared dressed hot in a miniskirt, wearing a swastika in front of Auschwitz, then she went to Richard Spencer’s NPI conference and did a Nazi salute along with a nazi Jewish friend, she did a selfie photo with her daughter wearing a Hitler mustache, criticized Prince Harry for marrying a “black savage”, supported Trump for president, wished Hitler “happy birthday” in April 2016 on Twitter and a lot more nazi stuff.

So she’s a confirmed Nazi, there’s no dispute about that. While some may wonder how can this even be possible, the problem with those wondering is that they know nothing about real history whatsoever. The Axis had nothing against Asians, in fact the main allies of the Axis were Germany-Italy-Japan. Nazism is a ideology which can basically be embraced by everyone because its not a ideology about supremacism, its an ideology about racial self-awareness and preferably peaceful separation.

In fact Hitler was so into Asians that he called them “honorary Aryans“. In Hitler’s own words: “I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own. They have the right to be proud of their past, just as we have the right to be proud of the civilization to which we belong. Indeed, I believe the more steadfast the Chinese and the Japanese remain in their pride of race, the easier I shall find it to get on with them.”

Well in fact if you really think about it, Asian Mongoloids are basically just white people with epicanthic folds. If you look at Japanese, Koreans and other Northern Asians they are as white as milk, they have high IQs just like Caucasoids, they have a large cranial capacity and so on, so having Asians being accepted by Hitler as equals its not really that strange.

As shocking as it sounds to some Nazism isn’t really about racism or hate but more about racialism, which means race realism and self-awareness of one’s race, not necessarily hatred of others, but then again Nazism has been turned into a circus by modern-day neo-nazis, shaving their heads shaved and listening to punk music, calling themselves skinheads and all of that, just like communism which was more about workers, has now been turned into a transgender-gay-feminism circus. If modern day Antifa commies would have told Stalin or even Lenin about the stuff they push now, they would have ended up in Siberian gulags.

Tila Tequila took it so deep about this stuff that she made Youtube videos encouraging whites to have more babies and stand up to themselves, in her videos she said she will fight for white people. Furthermore she said she is proud and honored she was impregnated by a white man and that she couldn’t be more happy she has a half-Caucasoid princess girl.

Many however are claiming that she may be suffering from mental illness as she is also into Flat-Earth conspiracy theories, Reptilians, self-proclaimed Goddess and other stuff. Who knows? Maybe she’s sick or maybe not, either way she is an interesting hot AF woman and if more Asians would be like her, whites wouldn’t have half the problems they have now with immigration and all of that.

So now Tila has announced she’s pregnant again, with another half-White child: ‘The Lord God has blessed me with baby #2!!!!!’ she wrote on Facebook Friday, according to the Daily Mail. ‘Praise the Father in Heaven for He is merciful and graceful! I give glory to Him every day.’

When Asians appreciate the white race more than whites appreciate their own, then you know something is seriously wrong with us as a people. In Asia this is quite a thing and really quite well spread and the globalists have no clue how to brainwash the Asians into Asian guilt, but in America, Tila might be the only Asian interested in those things. Look at this woman, notice how much she likes to look white and maybe you can learn something from her.

And no, Tila is not white, she’s not even half white or something, she is 100% Vietnamese. All she did was to dye her hair, wear contact lenses… and voilla, she looks exactly like any other white woman, if she wouldn’t tell you and you would meet her in a bar or something, you wouldn’t even know she’s Asian. If you would meet such a woman, wearing European makeup and she would not tell you she’s Asian, would you honestly be able to tell the difference? Would you be able to say she’s Asian and not European?

This just goes to show that Asians are really just a different branch of white people, just like there are white brunettes, white blondes, white redheads… there’s also white Asians or whatever you wanna call them. Hungary and Finland for example were initially Asians and now they are 100% white. Hungary is the descendant of the mongoloid Hunnic Empire with a mighty leader known as Atilla the Hun. Asian Huns mixed like crazy with the European Magyars until they formed modern day Hungary and voilla, Hungary is now just as white as any other European nation. Same story happened to Finland. Tila is a living proof that Asians are truly “honorary Aryans”.

Honestly, Asians and Europeans might really be almost exactly the same race, just look at the offspring of European-Asian couples. Asians are perfectly capable of carrying European genes, no other race is capable of that, especially the black race, where the result will always be a mulatto and the white genes get completely shattered forever as if they never existed.

It all depends on the European and the Asian specimens of course. If the European specimen is going to be a brunette man with brown eyes and the Asian woman a SE Asian (Thai, Filipino, Cambodian) the result is going to be something really similar to what Northern Asians (Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Japanese) look like. If the man is going to be a blonde and the woman a Northern Asian then here’s the results, all natural with little to no makeup or contact lenses:

These women are known as “hapa”. Remember, a hapa is a half-Caucasoid half-Mongoloid person. Some of these hapas can easily pass as white as they are, depending on how their parents look of course. A hapa woman with a white Nordic man can result in a kid that you would never be able to tell the kid has 25% Asian in him unless you do a DNA test.

Despite being Asian, Tila is metaphorically whiter than any other white star out there. She wants to look white, act white and she’s proud of whiteness for whites as if she were one and she has white babies. What’s really white about Angelina Jolie for example when she adopts black kids? Look and learn white women, look and learn! There’s a valuable lesson to be learned from this woman here. While you are into “evil white male patriarchy” nonsense, this girl right here, is the real deal, she is feminine, beautiful, proud of whiteness even though she’s not white and treats white men with respect…

If you look like this, you might wanna learn how to be a real woman from Asian women!

As a nationalist speaking, I would rather date a woman like Tila than a white feminist psycho, any time. Imagine a girl like Tila Tequila riding you, telling you “blow inside me, I wanna have a white Aryan baby” damn…….. irresistible! While a feminist monster such as the specimen from above… not only she wouldn’t ride you but even if she would, you wouldn’t want to.

Mentally ill or not, her character is definitely impressive and what’s more impressive is that in Asia, there are millions exactly like her, minus the crazy part (if its true). Now why are we promoting this woman here? Because first of all she earned it, she’s entitled to it and she deserves that European semen and those white babies more than many other white women out there, second the entire Alt-Right should promote this woman because it would dispel the myth that the Alt-Right is hateful and racist. She can be Alt-Right’s based Asian just like Civic Nationalist cucks have their based blacks. And third a single woman like Tila could help wake up more normies than 100 white Alt-Righters! Hot Asian nazi slutish girls could wake up a lot of normies as it would appear friendly, non-racist, non-agressive to the normies but the only problem with Tila is that she might be a bit too spicy for the Alt-Right who are more traditional. I mean for God’s sake she even has porn videos on the internet.

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