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MSM is taunting Putin and laughing at him for wanting to avoid WW3

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Check this out people! So the MSM is now calling Putin “desperate”, “looser”, “whitewash his threats” and basically a “coward” in front of mighty USA for wanting to avoid World War 3 and not going after NATO.

Jesus Christ!!!!! Our question is what exactly do people like “Joseph Carey” (the writer of this story) have? Do they have some bunkers or something? What makes them so certain that they will remain unaffected if such a war starts?

Why are they instigating death and destruction of such an enormous magnitude??

Are they living in LA LA land? How can they write such articles in the first place? How can they believe they won’t die in such a war with their entire families? Or perhaps they simply don’t care???

Back in the Cold War the media was more responsible, people were scared of such a war, but now they are like “Bring it on coward!” This planet doesn’t have much time left, mark my words. When we live in a world ran by mentally ill psychopathic schizophrenics, there’s not much hope. People these days seem like they are genetically defective, born with some malfunction of some sort, unable to feel a threat.

I tell you this is no joke here, put one of these guys in front of a lion and I swear they would go towards the lion to pet him! Perhaps its all this fluoride in the water, GMO food, I don’t know, but people are sick, including your average Joe who would rather vote Macron than Le Pen or Theresa May instead of Nigel Farage.

These people are sick, really really badly, just look here, here, here and here.

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2 Responses to " MSM is taunting Putin and laughing at him for wanting to avoid WW3 "

  1. BillWhit says:

    I have lost all respect for the MSM today, and their Cracker Jacks Box so-called “journalists” who can’t even decide which bathroom they should use, much less any intelligence over politics, climate change, 2nd Amendment, or even our Constitution. The majority of these Soy Boys and Girls have never served in any military, most have never even had to do a hard days work, only sit on their ass and whined. They think WW3 would fix everything! How Dumb is that? I have the highest respect for my President and for President Putin, who is a very intelligent and good leader, and neither of them want war because they know there would be no winner, only mass casualties on both sides, and a breakdown of civilization throughout the world. We have enough dummies in our own country we need to clean off the streets, and homeless that need to be fed and housed, before we take care of others, or get involved in a world war! Only the Dumbed Down Leftist Tyrants want that.

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  2. Ron Spain says:

    Putin is a creepy old murderer who only threatens WWIII because Assad isn’t allowed to murder children with impunity using chemical weapons. Keep your poorly written propaganda in Russia where it belongs.

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