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Israel to Dump its Unwanted Africans in White Countries

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The Israeli government will halt the deportation of its black invaders to Africa, and will instead dump them in white countries, it has been announced.

More than 16,000 of the African invaders—mostly single males from Eritrea—will be sent to white countries in Europe and North America, while another 16,000 “would be allowed to stay as long as they meet so far undisclosed criteria, which are to be determined in cooperation between Israel and the commission,” according to a report in the Jerusalem Post.

What this means is that those who can make a basic case for “asylum” might be given temporary residence in Israel until they can be returned home.

According to an Associated Press report, the Israeli government announced that it has reached a “landmark agreement with the United Nations” to scrap its contested plans to deport African asylum seekers and “would resettle many of them in Western countries instead.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said the “unprecedented understandings” with the U.N. refugee agency would send more than 16,000 migrants to various Western countries that are willing to absorb them.

“The optics of black asylum seekers accusing the country of racism has turned into a public relations liability for Israel,” the AP report added in an understatement.

One of the invaders, 28-year-old Monim Haroon from Darfur, told AP he was “relieved to hear that a just solution had been found.”

“If we will get status here in Israel there are a lot of things we can learn about how to build our country when we are able to go back,” he said.

The Jerusalem-based Times of Israel reported that Netanyahu’s office said that “legal obstacles and ensuing problems with the proposed third-country African destinations forced the government to amend its plans and come to an agreement under U.N. auspices.”

The government had previously said that women, children and families, for example, would be exempt from the deportation order, as well as those who escaped the genocide in Sudan’s western region of Darfur.

The plan to accommodate those remaining in Israel does not make any allowance for their long term residence, as alluded to in the AP report.

This however pales into insignificance when compared to the chutzpah of the Jews in blackmailing the West to taking the Africans in the first place—as if any European nation would demand that Israel take in unwanted nonwhites from Germany, France or Britain.

The fact that any white nation could agree to such a scheme is also an indication of the power which the Jewish lobbies in those nations has over government policy—and also how politically corrupt and suicidally self-hating such countries are.


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  1. Amy Lewis says:

    Yeah, dump them in white countries, that’s the globalist agenda, displace whites in their own countries with third world throngs and replace whites globally. They are much too difficult to tyrannize over. Third worlders who vote for socialism are much more pliable.

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