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Former Brazilian president calls for wealth redistribution and free money to "dark skinned"

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Former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff goes full communist, calls whites “elites” who are racist evil nazi monsters from the pits of hell, the children of Lucifer who starved, enslaved, tortured, arrested, eternally oppressed “the dark skinned people” and stripped them of their rights. And now she’s calling for “wealth redistribution” and free gibs for blacks. Soviet style! Take from the rich, forcefully and give to the poor. Here’s Dilma in her own words with RT:

“In Brazil, the poor and the dark-skinned were the enemy… They were tortured, they were arrested, they were turned into a lower class, stripped of all rights. We began to change this situation,” she said. “There is still a lot to be done: we need to distribute the wealth in the country, implement tax reform [and] end the oligopoly of the media and banks that control different aspects of the country’s life.”

So let’s simplify this and set the records straight! Whites in Brazil have become a minority and they are set to go full extinct in less than 100 years yet they are the evil monsters from hell for grouping together and separating themselves socially from blacks who commit so many murderers and rapes that Brazil is number 6 on crime rates in the entire world! well ahead of Syria where there’s a freaking Civil War taking place with ISIS and chemical attacks and stuff! AND GUESS WHAT!! At least 74% of those crimes in Brazil are committed by those “dark skinned people” and their social status doesn’t matter! Wherever they are inm the world they are genetically prone to more crime, in USA, in UK, in South Africa, in Israel, in Europe, EVERY SINGLE PLACE! Even in Japan, whenever you hear of some poor beautiful Japanese girl raped and killed by a US soldier, its almost always black!

The state of Santa Catarina, which is the most European, with 86% being White, is also the state with the lowest homicide rate.

Brazil is the first multicultural experiment in the world where the globalists are conducting white genocide by mixing the races, crime, immigration and population replacement. Brazil will eventually turn into South Africa, then gradually into Zimbabwe and bam, zero whites left alive in Brazil.

To anyone saying “it doesn’t matter if there are no whites left alive in Brazil” because race doesn’t matter and all that socialist nonsense, ohh really?? Then perhaps it also shouldn’t matter if there would be no blacks either, so come on white people, unite and genocide the blacks! Skin color doesn’t matter!!! Ohhhhh you don’t like how it sounds? It sounds “rasys”!?!? Then why isn’t it “rasys” when whites are genocided?

The eternally oppressed negro…. he kills, yet he’s the victim! Ohhhh bugger off already! You Dilma should be locked and have the key thrown away so you can rot in jail for the rest of your life for speaking such impertinent vile words.

Whites in Brazil have been trying to segregate through a peaceful referendum and have their own country but Brazilian socialist authorities won’t allow them. They are like: NO WHITES YOU HAVE TO STAY IN AND BE MURDERED IN THE STREETS! Democracy in action….. Democracy is just another form of dictatorship where the plebeians believe they have a say! Hahaha what a joke!


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