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Farage: Bombing ‘Bad Guy’ Assad Will Cause ‘Chaos’ and Help Terrorists

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Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has urged the UK to not intervene in the Syrian conflict, claiming it will only spread “chaos” in the region and benefit Islamic State terrorists.

Whilst making it clear he regards President Bashar al-Assad as a “bad guy”, Mr. Farage compared Syria to Libya and Iraq to argue that the removal of Arab tyrants usually leaves a power vacuum that even worse forces fill.

“This is the same British establishment who lined up and formed a pretty big consensus over Iraq,” he blasted on his LBC radio show, mocking Tony Blair’s claims about “weapons of mass distraction”.

He added: “Then we go fast forward a few years, to Libya,” describing the bombing as “one of the worst foreign policy decisions we’ve ever taken”.

“Undoubtedly we have made Libya a far worse place than it was under Gaddafi. And Iraq? I mean hundreds and hundreds of people have died in Iraq and there is still no real proper settlement in sight.


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2 Responses to " Farage: Bombing ‘Bad Guy’ Assad Will Cause ‘Chaos’ and Help Terrorists "

  1. Amy Lewis says:

    Farage is right. A vacuum is a hell of a lot better than some of the things nature replaces it with. Whatever we might think of Assad he has not made war on Christians as anyone replacing him surely would. Assad has protected the Christians, something the Muslim street surely hates him for.

    I am at a loss to define the US national security interests in Syria. Why are we there? How does it benefit us? I cannot see that it does. There are no good guys there, just warring factions slugging it out with each other while faking gas attacks to draw the US in on their side as they try to shoot their way into power.

    That region has been a war zone for thousands of years, and nothing the US does can possibly change that. It’s their culture there. Leave them to it and let them kill each other off, it’s not our fight.

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  2. Amy Lewis says:

    So we have now bombed Syria again. Shit! So lamentable that we got sucked in yet again! I am so disappointed that my president could not see the game and even sucked in the UK and France. Syria deserves to be completely ignored by the rest of the world and left to it’s own devices. There are no good guys there. It’s just a bunch of thugs trying to shoot their way into power and using first world nations to do it.

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