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DNA tests can now predict IQ of your toddlers

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As we previously reported as far back as 2009, way before any genetic research into IQ, not everyone can become a genius like Einstein or Tesla by reading stupid freaking books!

How did this stupid political correct BS idea even became mainstream in the first place?

That everyone is the same, its just a skin color difference and you can become smart if you have good nutrition and education.

Of course it has a slight impact but not that big.

Not every dumb retard can read a bunch of books and become Einstein! YOU ARE BORN EINSTEIN! ITS GENETIC!

As you can see white Caucasians or Europeans and white Asians (Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Mongolia) have the highest IQs in the world and the darker skin gets the dumber they get as well… with black Africans having IQs between 60-70. India tells a perfect story and so do those Arab countries. They are not as black as Africans nor they are as white as Europeans or white Asians so their IQs are not as low as African nor as high as European and Asian.

Back in 2009 in that article of ours we gave the example of Korea and how its split in 2: the communist isolated state of North Korea with zero globalist influence and South Korea with their globalist democratic political system. One is also extremely poor while the other extremely rich, they are totally different yet the same race of people inhabits both countries. Guess what! They both have the exact same national IQs! So we’re done! KOREA is the ultimate argument. There is no room for any more stupid pointless debates. IQ is genetic, not social, cultural, nutritional or anything else.

However with that said, having a high IQ doesn’t mean you’re necessarily gonna be rich or successful. Again, let’s look at the Koreas. It all also depends on the ideology you adopt in life. You can have a person with a 140 IQ but with a dumb hippie lifestyle which could have a dirtier messier life than perhaps a person with a 90 IQ but with good morals and ideologies. So its also really important the education you give to your children.

In Europe, Italy leads by far with the highest IQ, so it looks like the Roman blood still runs great even after thousands of years of genetic changes and Iceland comes second.

According to MIT Technology Review:

Ready for a world in which a $50 DNA test can predict your odds of earning a PhD or forecast which toddler gets into a selective preschool?

Robert Plomin, a behavioral geneticist, says that’s exactly what’s coming.

For decades genetic researchers have sought the hereditary factors behind intelligence, with little luck. But now gene studies have finally gotten big enough—and hence powerful enough—to zero in on genetic differences linked to IQ.

A year ago, no gene had ever been tied to performance on an IQ test. Since then, more than 500 have, thanks to gene studies involving more than 200,000 test takers. Results from an experiment correlating one million people’s DNA with their academic success are due at any time.

The discoveries mean we can now read the DNA of a young child and get a notion of how intelligent he or she will be, says Plomin, an American based at King’s College London, where he leads a long-term study of 13,000 pairs of British twins.

To psychologists, IQ tests measure something called “g”—the general factor of intelligence. People who are better at math, spatial reasoning, verbal ability, and other skills that tests can measure have higher g.

And that’s not all. The g factor is strongly correlated with income, happiness, health, and life span. More g seems to be a good thing all around. To Plomin it’s the “omnipotent variable” in life.

It’s also highly heritable. Comparisons of twins, both identical and fraternal, separated at birth or raised together, had shown that genetics must account for more than half of intelligence—a huge effect for genes. The rest is due to your schools, your diet, and other environmental factors.

Others suggest that genetic models of intelligence will be used to compare races, ethnic groups, or people from different parts of the world. In an editorial about the genetics of race published in the New York Times on March 23, Harvard University biologist David Reich cited the new genetic IQ predictors and cautioned that “all traits influenced by genetics are expected to differ across populations.”

The warning was implicit: differences in IQ could be due to genes, not circumstance, and polygenic scores might prove it.

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