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China voices support for Russia on Syria, holds naval drills against USA

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Following a massive missile attack launched by the US and its allies against Syria, it appears that Beijing is moving to make its opinion on the matter known via a show of strength in the Pacific.

One of the key goals of the upcoming Chinese naval drills scheduled to be held in the Taiwan Strait is a show of support for Russia over the latter’s standoff against the United States in Syria, the South China Morning Post reported citing a source “close to the PLA.”

“[US President] Donald Trump’s warning of military attacks on Syrian forces was a bit of a surprise for Beijing and Moscow … As Russia’s strategic partner, Beijing is trying to cause some well-timed and controlled trouble for the US, a drill in the Taiwan Strait being the most plausible option that will benefit both Xi and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin,” the source said.

Earlier, a large number of Chinese warships led by the Liaoning aircraft carrier had engaged in a series of live-fire military exercises in the South China Sea.

China Military, a newspaper linked to the People’s Liberation Army, reported that 48 warships, 76 fighter aircraft and more than 10,000 PLA Navy personnel participated in the exercises.


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