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Thailand bans sex tourism, Yellow Fever to finally come to an End

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Sorry girls it was fun while it lasted but white men now have to go back to their white women.

Great news for the Alt-Right! Thailand is now banning any form of sex tourism which has facilitated the thing known as “yellow fever” for decades, which is the obsession of White males with Asian females. So the country known for famous cuisine, Buddhist temples, friendly people and beautiful beaches is now opposing any form of sex tourism.

Tens of millions of men, mostly white Americans and Europeans annually visit Thailand to have sex with Asian Thai women but not anymore! This is awesome!! Finally those cuck race mixing white males can reclaim their own white women now and push the blacks away which have been banging our women for years.

It has gotten so bad recently that even a few Alt-Righters turned into MGTOW and fetishize about Asian women such as Andrew Anglin for example.

Its a strange phenomenon, really hard to describe because its a 2-way relationship. White men love feminine, submissive, petite and sexy half-naked women and in popular Thai culture, they view white skin as healthy and beautiful so naturally, they are both attracted in each-other. Thai girls actively sought to mix with white men and millions of white men also actively sought to mix with Thai women, so it had to be a very strong force, such as the Thai government which would put an end to that and it finally happened! The bad part now is that those white men who are too deep into this Yellow Fever phenomenon, may try to bring those Asian women into our countries now that they can’t go there to mix with them anymore…

It has gotten so bad that Thai women have thousands of out of wedlock mixed babies, half-White half-Thai. If the trend continued, Thailand would have become as white as Japan then gradually in time even as white as Europe with blonde hair and blue eyes and everything but thankfully this has finally stopped!

It has gotten so bad, many Thai women now actually look like this, whiter than normal and even with natural blue or green eyes. This is probably the offspring of a Thai prostitute who slept with one of her white clients unprotected. Naturally she kept the baby since they love white skin. Sadly just like her mother, the daughter also turned to prostitution. If this trend continued, Thailand could have become genocided and turned into a white country withing a couple of centuries. Strangely, this is exactly what they wanted, to become white…

If we whites didn’t do anything to stop it, thankfully they did something! So if whites won’t stop banging Asian women, then Asian women will stop banging whites due to state law! Hurray! This is the best possible news that has come out in the last 10 years for both white nationalists and for them, the Thais as well as they need to preserve their ethnic group “as is” as well because this is like a genocide of the ethnic Thai people.

Thailand has the highest rate of white sex tourists in the world, second comes Philippines, lets hope Rodrigo Duterte is gonna follow the example of neighboring Thailand and also ban sex tourism and with it, race mixing altogether.

From Sputnik News:

The Thai tourism body released a statement saying that in order to make Thailand a quality destination; sex tourism will not be tolerated.

“The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) ensures that it’s marketing strategy and policy to move Thailand forward as the ‘Quality Destination’ has stepped in the right direction… and strongly opposes any form of sex tourism,” TAT said in a statement late on Wednesday.

Thailand is expected to welcome a record 37.55 million tourists this year and although prostitution is illegal it is tolerated and there are thousands of brothels across the country. Make no mistake about it! At least 30 million of those people are whites looking to bang Thais.

Notorious Go-Go bars in Bangkok and brothels offering soapy massages have bolstered Thailand’s reputation as a sex destination.

However, despite the statements by the tourism body, experts believe that getting rid of an industry which is so deeply ensconced in the country is quite difficult.

In 2016, Thailand’s then-tourism minister aimed to rid the country of it many brothels and wanted Thailand to be about “quality tourism.” That announcement was followed by police raids on some of the biggest establishments providing sex services in the capital, Bangkok.

Thailand has been consistently voted as one of the world’s top destinations. Last year, its tourism industry recorded its highest ever revenue, raking in $53.76 billion, a 12 percent increase from 2016.

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