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Romanian police arrests human traffickers who smuggled 2,000 Muslims in Europe

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Romanian police together with the help of German police and Europol has managed to destroy and arrest a large group of Romanian and German human traffickers who are responsible for smuggling at least 2,000 Muslims into Europe.

Romanian Police Department of Organized Crime from the city of Timisoara has raided 12 locations and arrested the members of the group who operated in the Western part of the country. In collaboration with the Romanian police, the German Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt) has also been notified of the gang’s partners located in Germany who also conducted raids and arrested the gangsters.

The gangsters were providing illegal Muslim immigrants with housing in apartments owned by them and hotel rooms paid by the gang members.

According to Romanian authorities, the network was acting with the purpose of ensuring safe transit of immigrants from Middle East and Asia who resided in Turkey, towards Germany. In order to reach their destinations in Western Europe, migrants were paying between 4000-5000 Euros to the gangs. Most of the immigrants came from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria. Among the Muslim immigrants also a few Chinese were caught disguised as Arabs.

To this day the networks have trafficked at least 2,000 immigrants through Timisoara to Germany.

Immigrants who came from the Middle East into Turkey had to travel to Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Austria and finally Germany. The gangsters also had partners in Serbia as well as their goal was to aid the immigrants cross the border illegally into Romania by the use of GPS on mobile phones, through an unguarded place known as the “Green Strip”.

According to the Romanian police the human trafficking group was led by a Romanian citizen of Arab origin and all application forms were processed online through the use of internet, avoiding all kind of cell phone conversations.

Gang leaders from Serbia and Romanian scheduled together the date and time of when a group of migrants was going to cross the border through the “green strip”.

The group appears to have taken in consideration all surveillance methods used by the authorities. The Arab leader from Romania then sent transporters into Serbia to collect the migrants and cross them into Romania. Location of the migrants in Serbia was given to the transporters through GPS in real time.

The migrants were then instructed to turn off their cell phones as they were crossing the border to avoid any kind of location points registration on their devices. If they were caught by authorities, they were told to factory reset their mobile phones.

In case they were caught by the Romanian authorities the immigrants were also instructed to abuse the international rights which are granted only in case of imminent dangers in their countries of origin: request asylum in Romania, ask for a translator and don’t give any details on how they actually entered the country.

So far the majority of Muslims have only crossed through Romania in order to reach the Western part of Europe, as there they would receive big government handouts, while the aid provided by Romania isn’t enough to suit their needs, after all most are fleeing for better lives and conquest not war.

In Pakistan for example which is the primary source where these immigrants come from, there is no war nor any threat of war in the foreseeable future.

However, tens of thousands have already settled in Romania permanently, some legally through the request of asylum, others illegally, as the invasion continues.

During their limit stay in Romania, the migrants that decide to go to Western Europe are then scheduled by the gangsters to cross into Hungary. So far no arrests have been made in Serbia.

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